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Multi Purpose Conveyor Belt Systems Of India

The success of management in any industrial enterprise depends on certain specific factors.Among these is the streamlining the process of logistics for optimum production in least possible time.This is achieved by the movement of raw materials and finished items in the most effective manner.To this end, conveying systems using belt conveyors happen to be the ideal modes particularly in projects related to infrastructure and mega industries.Indeed, belt conveyor systems could be termed as the vital veins of industrial activities, nay the sphere of socio-economic development.Thus the manufacturers of these systems hold the key to the onward march of the country.They design and fabricate the conveyor belts as per the users needs and also in tune with the standards prescribed by designated agencies of quality and safety.Conveyor belts are extensively used in mining, power, cement, fertiliser and steel plants, various production lines in factories, airports, railway stations, goods yards, ports, warehouses, granaries etc.Considering these facts, it can be rightly said that the technology as well as the industry engaged in making these systems are of great significance.One among the major makers and suppliers of conveyor systems is energo engineering projects limited.Backed by professional engineers, it has mastered the art of conceptualising, manufacturing and commissioning material handling systems for both light and bulk quantities.Some of the products and services offered are: overland belt conveyors pipe conveyors between mines and processing plant conveying systems using belt conveyors tipplers for unloading from wagons track hopper and unloading hopper crushing and screening system sampling station stacking and reclaiming system bagging system manufacture of these systems involves numerous components and allied engineering such as steel tubes for idlers, pulleys, rollers used in belt conveyors.Idlers, though un-powered, are deemed to be the heart of a conveyor.It is over these idlers that the belt moves at the regulated speed.Idlers have direct bearing on the durability of a belt conveyor system.They minimise belt fleet and damage on the return belt which would otherwise result from material build-up.They protect the belt against abrasives during the operation of a system.There are several conveyor idler manufacturers in india.Their products are in a wide range and ergonomically-friendly: flat carrying idlers flat impact idlers spiral return idlers disc idlers live shaft idlers troughing idlers self-aligned return idlers roll return idlers self cleaning return idlers transition idlers garland idlers quality idlers are expected to be weather-proof including corrosion resistant for the smooth operation of a conveyor belt system.The idlers synchronise both the vertical and horizontal movement of a conveyor belt.The products and services of indian idler and roller manufacturers are retained by turnkey consultants in the execution of material handling systems of major projects at home as well as abroad.Within the country the directorate of mines safety and the indian standards institution are the certifying agencies for these products.

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