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New Demand Changes Of Crusher In 2012

New demand changes of crusher in 2012 long-term since, in the limestone mining and use extensive growth mode, formed the mining enterprise is not rational layout,rock crushing plant the geological environment and resource development of increasingly prominent contradiction between, caused to landscape, vegetation, land, air and other natural resource damage, many local geological hazards, such as debris flow exist hidden trouble.Limestone mine exploitation of mine environmental problems caused mainly concentrated in the mountains to the north and piedmont green belts, open for the performance by the mining collapse, landslides and debris flows geological disasters, the landscape, vegetation,cement machinery land resource destruction and ecological destruction and mine mining, cement production waste gas caused the mine environment pollution.Different industry, different usages of limestone the chemical composition of the different requirements, the dosage of cement, limestone large flux, and chemical industry, general requirement cao content is higher quartile (45% or more), that with relatively low impurity content.Limestone is metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, architecture,ore vibrating feeder agriculture, plastic, rubber, paper making, environmental protection and other special industrial department important industrial raw material.According to the chemical composition,ore vibrating feeder harmful impurity in the different physical properties and ore, is widely used in different industries.For dephosphorization desulfurization with chemical action, iron and steel, and aluminum industry in flux as, in the sugar industry, petroleum industry used as purifying agent.And limestone mine quantity reduced gradually, the scale increases gradually, and the mining structure reasonable gradually.Mine construction investment growth, the equipment renewal speed up.Ore vibrating feeder the small scale of the phasing out of technology, low, outdated equipment, resources comprehensive utilization rate is low, serious pollution of small mines.New limestone mines, the basic investment is in 2 million yuan of above, and gradually toward large-scale,china spiral classifier mechanization development direction.Shanghai is a tripod heavy mining equipment manufacturing co., ltd is a professional company engaged in mining, construction sand, broken industrial grinding equipment's high-tech production enterprise.Achieve collection research and development, designchina spiral classifier, manufacture, sales and after-sales service as one.The company mainly produces have broken, the sand, grinding equipment three series of more than 60 models products, and widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal, refractory material, ceramic, etc.In the draw domestic and international advanced technology, and on the basis of optimized design, made with hard rock impact breaker, jaw crusher, the sand machine as the core of the crushing and screening into sets of equipment, become construction industry at home and abroad and high grade railway, highway pillar of the equipment.The company produces each kind of type a mill, the design is novel, grinding rate is high, energy consumption and save and similar products compare innovative, metallurgical industry and various kinds of minerals is grinding of the best equipment.Company with advanced technology, scientific management system, the product quality with iso9001:2008 requirements as the base point, trying to be broken sand grinding of the best screening equipment maker.China spiral classifier:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/screw-classifier.Htmlstone crusher:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/26.Htm.

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