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New Parts Have Been Used In Vertical Mill

New parts have been used in vertical millvertical roller mill is a modern cement, electricity, coal, chemical and other industries widely used as a grinding equipment.Because of its high grinding efficiency; drying ability, material moisture content up to 20% or more; low power consumption, saving 15% than the ball mill to 30%; crushing ratio, can replace the broken processes; materials mixed together uniform; devices are small, light weight, than the same weight capacity of the mill more than 30%; small footprint, low wear, low noise; set of crushing, drying, milling, the powder in one, the process is simple, compact structure, easy operation and easy maintenance, etc., more and more attention in recent years, china's rapid development of new dry process cement production technology, in which vertical mill technology and equipment level increases.A considerable part of the new construction of cement, have been using vertical mill, and its rapid development and foreign manufacturers to manufacture vertical mill into production, to obtain good energy saving effect.Current domestic production of the new majority of thermal power plants and cement plants have adopted legislation to replace the traditional ball mill grinding.Works and the type of vertical mill has many different forms, but it works basically the same.All of these are forms of mechanical grinding with a roller (roller grinding mill or equivalent parts), the level of the roller along the circular track on the disc movement, through the external applied vertical pressure on the roller, the material on the disc are the combined effect of compression and shear, and can be crushed.Material grinding process are: motor reducer driven by disc rotation, the material from the central disc material fell on the mouth, under the action of centrifugal force and move to the disc by the edge of the rolling mill rolls, crushing the material left after the disc was to speed up the airflow and vertical mill with integrated splitter, meal through the separator and returned to the disc, and re-grinding; powder with the air out of the mill, the dust collection device in the system to collect down, is the product in the vertical mill by pneumatic conveying of the material, you need a larger air flow rate, which can use waste heat from gas, while the dry grinding operations.Used in cement production vertical mill grinding parts of its various forms, there is a cylinder, cone-shaped units, spherical, roller surface is also flat, curved, convex surface, etc.Applied to the roller on the roller bed material along the grinding tracks in close contact with the force of a spring-loaded, hydraulic, etc.With its high quality products such as flotation cell、flotation separator、flotation machine、henan hongxing mining machinery co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.Cement mill : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/cement-mill.Htmlore vibrating feeder : http://www.China-crusher.Com/vibrating-feeder1.Htmlsand washer : http://www.China-crusher.Com/sand-washer3.Html.

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