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New Policy Brings New Development Opportunity

In the twelfth five year plan period, our country will take energy conservation and emission reduction as a major special planning, study and establish long-term mechanism of energy saving and emission reduction.Hongxing machinery's product design intent is bullish on the energy saving and emission reduction of large equipment industry which will bring in the future development great opportunities.Industry insiders revealed twelfth five year planning of high-end equipment manufacturing industry is expected to come out in the third quarter this year.The plan draft version put forward that by 2015, high-end equipment sales value accounts for above 20% of the equipment manufacturing industry.Through a decade's hard work, we strive to make the equipment manufacturing industry sales value accounts for above 30%; and the proportion of high-end equipment domestic market meet more than 25%.In the third china-us strategic and economic dialogue which was shortly before just finished, the two countries become industry focus in clean energy field of multi-level interactive.Wwf also points out in the latest report of may that clean energy technology value of china is more than 64 billion, ranking the first.Advanced bank of communications schroder funds aspiring manager mr.Huang yizhi thinks that clean energy investment can bring great opportunities.As china begins to layout fast in high-end cone crusher equipment manufacturing industry, various support policy has promulgated.In the coming decade, high-end equipment manufacturing industry could usher in gold growth.'energy saving and emission reduction, including high speed railway, communications equipment, smart grid, national defense military, aviation industry and so on, all may be fast growing industries in the next decade.It's the right time to vigorously develop industrial rotary kiln equipment manufacturing, and other strategic and emerging industry.' he said.As for this view shi wei, vice manager of bank of communications schroder funds, also said advanced manufacturing is the key to drive economic transformation.Shi wei thinks, at present there exists obvious differences in different industry performance.However, bank of communications schroder funds favors the prospect of advanced manufacturing industry.Advanced manufacturing is expected to become the key to promote china's economic transformation.In terms of industry chain, advanced equipment manufacturing, being the top node of industry value chain, featured with high technology content, high added value and low energy consumption and low pollution, is an important part of modern industrial system.The development of advanced manufacturing industry is an important symbol to measure a country's industrial core competitiveness.Creating advanced manufacturing industry is the inner requirement to realize the industrial transformation and upgrade, promote industrial core competitiveness.Hongxing machinery believes that in terms of international practice, breaking through the bottleneck of high-end ore beneficiation equipment manufacturing industry is the key to capture the international competition advantage position and promote economic transformation.As china began to rapidly layout advanced equipment manufacturing, various support policy has begun comes on stage in succession.As the leading enterprise of mining machinery and equipment manufacturing, hongxing machinery will take this opportunity to promote chinese high-end equipment manufacturing.Cone crusher: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_19.Htmlrotary kiln: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_38.Html.

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