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New Sand Maker Solves The Problems Of Mine Waste

Today, mining machinery market a wide range of sand making equipment, businesses is constantly developing new sand to seek a favorable market competitiveness.Heavy red star is not far behind as the well-known mining machinery manufacturers, the company experts and other institutes of the tireless efforts of red star heavy newly developed the new sand perfect to solve the problem of mining waste.Elaborate on this issue, we must understand our country has a lot of metal and non-metallic mineral, in the process of mining and processing, along with about 20% of the tailings, a large tailings pile not only takes up a lot of land, also cause environmental pollution and waste of resources, these tailings re-processing and screening tailings can be processed artificial sand and slag not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, improve resource utilization, form a comprehensive benefits.Mine waste, slag powder, fly ash and slag powder of these three kinds of materials plays a good application for the application of dry-mixed mortar.Slag powder, according to a different level of variety and strength of the mortar, slag powder content of up to 20% to 70% with mortar thickening powder preparation, performance in full compliance with the technical requirements of the ordinary mortar.The green mortar products are widely used in industrial and civil engineering plastering, masonry, and ground works to good effect.Slag powder, mixed with slag powder dry mortar, not only low cost, and save resources and energy, protecting the environment, with good economic and social benefits, is a sustainable green high performance building materials.Red star heavy industries to the emergence of new sand well with three of the mine waste materials used in dry-mixed mortar to make it better, so the new sand perfect to solve the problem of mining waste and reduce environmental pollution and the cost of investment the domestic market is the most advanced, reliable performance, and most customers welcome a new sand system equipment.Jaw crusher supplier : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/1.Htmhammer crusher : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/hammer-crusher.Html ore beneficiation : http://www.China-crusher.Com/ore-beneficiation.Htmlvibrating screen : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/7.Htm raymond mill : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/3.Htm.

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