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In recent years china's mining machinery manufacturing momentum of development is very strong, but the prominent problems in technology and strategy is always walk along the old, not radically change for development ideas, and the current mining machinery manufacturing especially at dressing crushing and screening branch line of business, mining machinery enterprise to provide users with complete service to the enterprises.Therefore, in addition to crushing the roll crusher, outside of finely roll crusher, usually a feeder, to ensure that the feeding successive and even, and the length of the feeder with roller length equal, makes the feeding length direction along the roller uniform.In order to ensure the maximum efficiency of hammer crusher, charging must continuously even distribution of the rolls.We should be regularly check whether the material mouth had blocked phenomenon, and in the motor stopped working to stop before feeding, when material completely dropped, the roll of a power outage, motivation may idling.And roller, the reasonable maintenance and correct crusher of operation, can ensure long-term continuous work, reduce stop time, only normal management and every day to check the normal work of the roll crusher, to prevent failure, and ensure that the work continuously.Therefore, the operator should pay attention to the following items: (a) pay attention to all parts, such as the discovery of bolts shall be immediately screw loose; (b) before work must first start roll crusher, wait for after normal speed, again to machines feeding, when parking program instead; (c) check the material regularly, such as the discovery of a mouth clogged, should be cleared; (d) check the vulnerable parts wear degree, always be worn parts; replace (e) not make machines produced load, should always be electric instrument; (f) bear oiling in time, do not make in the place of oil bearing; (g) be controlled bearing temperature, may not be higher than the air temperature around 25 to 30 ; (h) put the plane, chassis activities device should remove dust and material, so as not to roll crusher met and can't broken material, activity in the chassis not bearing mobile, down to produces serious accident.China's access to the mining machinery production country, consumers and importing countries ranks, but big but not strong.Based on the current situation of the chinese mine mining machinery factory hongxing mining machinery through the further deepening the reform and actively adjust the industrial structure and product, the transformation of economic growth mode,sand washing machine enhance the ability of independent innovation, speed up the high-end mining machinery, mineral processing equipment, crusher equipment and the key parts of the research and development and market development.Hammer crusher: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_20.Htmlsand washing machine: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/19.Html mobile crusher: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/12.Htmlimpact crusher: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/2.Html.

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