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New Viewpoint Of China Engineering Machinery In 2012

In mechanical model, and not all model is making money,ore beneficiation many industry segments of the products after successive years of growth, the excess capacity problem increasingly.Engineering machinery overall sales profits have already from 5.73% in 2000 to 4.78% in 2009.To loaders, for example, at the end of 2009, the domestic three loader leading enterprise in the capacity of 30000 sets of/year above, together more than 150000 mobile/year, enough to meet the domestic and international engineering machinery market demand, and then to investment will repeat construction and cause because of excess capacity.Clinker rotary kiln according to the chinese construction machinery industry association secretary-general parlance, the overall status of current loader industry has become: new entry threshold is low, replacing the threat increases, the customer bargaining power enhancement, core components suppliers bargaining power, high internal intensified competition.Mobile crushing station it certainly will will be future the epitome of the whole construction machinery industry.The urbanization construction rapid development, infrastructure construction lags behind economic development speed, develop the regional economic construction, increasing the midwest development degree, the mechanization level low and so on reason is becoming an optimist ego inflation heart comfort.But, any one industry has periodic, as the 21 st century global economy of the new engine network science and technology couldn't escape, especially when it is pulled by investment obvious engineering machinery.Engineering machinery industry is the basic construction drawing industry,mobile crushing station and the whole society the scale of investment in fixed assets have close relations, from the historical data to see, engineering machinery industry experience a boom cycle and the social fixed assets investment investment growth trend quite close.2012 is the "eleventh five-year plan of the last year, is probably is the growth of investment in fixed assets of last year,"mobile crushing station 1025 "during china's growth rate of investment in fixed assets will be more than 30% of the now gradually fall to 15%-16% of the level.On china's economy for,mobile crushing station 2012 will be strictly a turning point, the upgrading of the industrial structure adjustment, will become the focus of future economic development, investment and export pull role will gradually abate.For engineering machinery industry as a whole, with the fixed assets investment decline, industry will enter setting.Obviously, the present stage belongs to china construction machinery industry stage peak period enjoy industry, in the industry enterprises should increase sales efforts, expand brand influence, to get high profits.Not enter investors,mobile crushing station no need to be jealous, mind your own pocket.Stand to the macroeconomic level, in the long term, engineering machinery in china has very good development prospect.But from the enterprise the micro level, in 2012 the new investment enterprise, real time should be put into production in 2012-2013, 2-3 after the market is likely to experience the peak is after adjustment period, new entrants have the ability of the industry long valley? henan red star mine machine co., ltd.Is a company with the production of heavy mine machine is given priority to, the collection scientific research, the production, sales, as one of the large joint-stock enterprise.Henan prospecting machinery manufacture co., ltd, with product seizes the market, with service create market, with brand lead the market.A hold prospecting hand, always be friends! aggregate jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Htmlaggregate jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Htmlaggregate jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Html.

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