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Of Henan Broken Jaw In The Sand Line

Jaw crusher production line in the sand (broken jaw) application of sand production line, is the flagship product in henan mine crusher.Fine jaw crusher is the third process, vibrating sieve screening two stones into fine jaw crusher broken stone to meet the sand feed size stones into the sand making sand, another part of the expected return then broken into small jaw crusher crushing fineness can reach 10mm - 105mm ranges, based on customer needs adjustment.This company produces the crushing jaw crusher simple pendulum, compound pendulum jaw crusher made great improvements, a number of movable jaw and a few eccentric shaft structure, run-time through each of the moving jaw crushed material, thereby reducing the load on the machine, and easy to start, the operation is relatively stable, low energy consumption.Domestic compound pendulum crushing jaw crusher and simply put the fine jaw crusher, its working principle with the prototype crusher, just increase the length of the feed inlet, the crushing ratio of up to 5 to 8.Modified fragmentation function crushing compression strength not more than 250mpa ore and rock crushing jaw crusher is mainly used for the hardness of stone crushing, such as granite, basalt, river gravel secondary crushing.Dpc single-stage hammer crusher maintenance and repair 1, the user should be trained in machine repair and operators complete control of the hammer crusher works and maintenance knowledge.Sound hammer crusher safe operation and maintenance system.2, the bearings should each class filling the generic on the 3rd lithium grease (gb7324-1994) of about 30 grams, the oil level should be 1/3 of the bearing and gland of the total space, every six months check the cleaning time.3, the first set of hammer 10 days, you should open the access door to check the wear, in order to determine the inspection cycle; side of the wear to the hammer half tone face.4, hammer plate and hammer sets of wear and tear should be surfacing wear layer, electrode hardness greater than of hrc55.5, check the content overhaul: wear parts, the straightness of the spindle motor insulation situation, main bearings, grate frame, row iron agency, motor bearings, electrical appliances and wiring.6, in the repair check the contents: the main bearings, wear parts.Minor repairs to check the contents of: bolts, fasteners, positioning, spacing, belt, wear parts.Ballmill [url=http://www.China-xingbang.Com/]ball mill[/url] intermittent ball mill[url=http://www.China-xingbang.Com/4.Html]intermittent ball mill[/url] pcl sand making machine[url=http://www.China-xingbang.Com/42.Html]pcl sand making machine[/url] brick making machine[url=http://www.Xbm-aac.Com]brick making machine[/url].

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