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On The Analysis Of The Factors That Hinder The Development Of Crushers

In recent years, china has achieved rapid economic development and has played a crucial role in machinery manufacturing industry, especially in the mining machinery industry.But china's crusher still has a large gap with the world's advanced crusher industry and, there is still a long way to go.How can we make a breakthrough in this competition? accelerating scientific and technological innovation is our unquestioned choice.1) infrastructure provides opportunities for the development of mining machinerythe applications of mining machinery are closely related with infrastructure, besides, after the financial crisis, china adopted a series of policies and measures that stimulate domestic demand and promote the stable and rapid economic development, which include 4 trillion investment into "growth" measures, thus stimulating a new round of investment enthusiasm of local governments, "livelihood projects" become the number one investment choice.In local government investment plans, the focus is still the railways, highways, power plants, real estate and other infrastructure projects, which are closely related to the mining machinery industry in china.This provides china mining machinery industry with the new opportunities of development, meanwhile, put a higher demand, the mining machinery industry needs to speed up technological innovation, improve the technology content, to earn more market area.2) poor technology holds up industry developmentcompared with international advanced level, china's mining machinery in general was 15 to 20years lag behind; the majority of crusher technology was introduced from abroad since the mid-1980s.The market share of domestic mining machinery products is less than 80%.Among the imported products, most of which are large, fine, sharp sets products, such as coal mining machine, large scale efficient separation equipment, crusher and grinding equipments.Since reform and opening, the main route to improve the technology level of products is to exchange market for technology.  the development process of the machine design of each country in the world is an evolution process, which experienced single product design, single product workmanship design and whole set workmanship design.  therefore, at present, the design of mining crushers and other machinery manufacturing sectors and enterprises are relatively weak, so mining machinery manufacturing industry should not only improve their expertise condition, but also unite different forms that domestic and foreign professional designing institute.The extensive stage of relying on cheap labor and develop economy at the cost of environment has been out of date, mining machinery industry need to explore a suitable and sustainable path as soon as possible in this low-carbon era, all of which ask for the transform of concept of all levels of government, as well as the mining machinery manufacturers, so that they can widen their vision and develop their industry in an international perspective.

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