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Ordering Wedding Cake Toppers

When the big day is just around the corner you are likely busy with plans for everything including the location and the food and most importantly: the cake.Wedding cakes are often a sight to behold.Not your traditional made-from-a-box cake these ornate pieces of art can be carefully designed by professional bakers to complement the theme of your wedding.If your wedding is sports themed for the guy who loves the big game then you may order a cake that has frosting to look like a sports ball or playing field.If your theme is a hawaiian love theme you may prefer something that is sparkling white with tropical leis and starfish all around.No matter the design that you choose you can top it off with the perfect wedding cake toppers.Traditionally a wedding cake topper is a symbol of your love and that symbol comes in the form of two cartoon people who look much like the bride and groom.Some people customize their toppers so that they are created to look just like the couple to be with the same face and hair and even the same dress and tuxedo.Some people select generic cartoon figures that have a similar hair and skin color.But no longer are modern couples limited to a generic looking bride and groom topper for their special dessert.There are many things that modern weddings are incorporating today for their topper.One of those is something that symbolizes the couple's relationship rather than the couple.This can be a special flower or animal or character that has a deep meaning for both parties.It does not have to be something you explain to guests (or even the baker).It can also be a fun topper like a favorite video game character that both the parties love or a family pet.If you are re-marrying you may opt to include a generic topper of you and your spouse-to-be as well as any children that either party may have so as to include family in the event.You can take a more entertaining route and pick bobble head toppers in lieu of generic cartoon people.These bounce and move shaking their heads in agreement as the cake is wheeled in for the guests to enjoy.It can then be saved atop a mantel piece or kitchen table or game room after the wedding is over as a dear keepsake.

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