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Ore Needs To Be Washed In The Crushing Process

When the mud (-3mm) content in raw ores is greater than 5-10% and the water content is greater than 5 ~ 8%, ores in fine grain level will bond into lump so that production conditions of ore crushing process will deteriorate, such as crushing cavity in crusher and sieve pore in sieving machine will be blocked, and when the condition is serious, the production can't be going on.At this time, ore washing facilities should be added in the ore crushing process.Adding ore washing machine, the machine operator can make full use of the equipment potential, make production regular, ameliorate labor strength, improve the recovery of useful metal and expand the use of resource.Ore washing work is usually set in the front or back of the coarse crushing, depending on the size of raw ore, the moisture content and the structure of the ore washing equipment.Commonly used ore washing equipment is washing screen (diagrid sieve, screening machine and cylinder sieve), slotted ore washing machine and cylinder ore washing machine.After the ore is washed, some of the clean ores need to be crushed, and some can be regarded as qualified grain level.If the mud that washed out has a grade which is similar to tailings grade, the mud can be abandoned.If the grade is similar to raw ore grade, the mud needs to be select.For the different nature of the raw ore, the ore washing methods and fine mud treatment are different so that there are different process flows.In actual operation, a charge of material such as rock containing gold ore is deposited into the box from conveyor 62 and a volume of water is injected from pipe 64.The eccentric drive is then operated to reciprocate the rod 60 which in turn causes the box to simultaneously roll and rock over the rollers.The relatively large size radius of the corners 24-30, in combination with the rolling and rocking action which is imparted to the box, causes the contained charge to be directed in a generally figure eight path 90.The schematic of fig.3 illustrates the movement of individual particles of the charge within the box along such a figure eight path.The resulting movement of the charge against and through the vibrating screen achieves a more complete and uniform circulation and mixing action so that the screening and washing is more complete and efficient as compared to similar types of ore washing machines.Particles within the box such as rocks and ore are free to move in a complete circuit along the figure eight path so that the ore fines are readily screened downwardly while the larger sized rocks and stones are more completely washed as they gradually advance for discharge through chute 78.At the same time, the actuate corners preclude the packing of residue or sediments within the box corners.Moreover, the provision of setting the discharge spouts 66 and 68 at an upwardly inclined angle of 45° or less with respect to the side walls provides for a more efficient separation of ore fines, such as gold, platinum, silver, and titanium, from the box.Microscopic particles of the ore, such as gold, can be retrieved downstream of the discharge spouts.Vibrating screen:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/8.Html.

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