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Overview Of Application Actuality Of Ball Mill

This mill is an engineering machine that grinds rocks and ores by making use of a steel ball as the crushing medium.Because it has such as advantages as simple structure, stable performance and high crushing ratio, it is now widely applied in many different kinds of industries such as ore dressing, building materials, chemistry, metallurgy and materials.As for the integral structure of this equipment, other than the visible structure, there are a certain proportion of steel balls with different diameters in the barrel which are all called crushing media.When it is working normally, the solid of revolution rotates evenly along with the horizontal axis, the ball goes up together with the material that is going to be crushed with the joint effect of the centrifugal force and frictional force and when reaching a certain height, they will drop down and fall down by themselves.It is by making use of the impact force that produced by the steel ball and the materials falling down that this equipment crushes materials, and at the same time, the collision and extrusion between the material and steel ball and the between the material and the material will also generate grinding effects.According to the different methods of discharging, the grinder can be divided into lattice and overflow ball mill.Because it discharges rocks and ores at a very fast speed which is able to reducing over-crushing of rocks and at the same time it can increase the output of unit volume, the former mill is mainly applied in the refractory materials, cement, fertilizer and glass industry.However, because its structure is too complicated, the lattice plate is easy to be blocked by the discharged materials and it has the disadvantages of difficult and complicated examination and repair and low working ratio, its application in the ore beneficiation industry has some limitations.Compared with this grinding equipment, the advantages of overflow ball mill is simple structure, convenient repair and maintenance, and what is more, because there is opposite screw thread inside the discharging pipe, it is difficult for the large rocks and steel balls to be discharged, it is more suitable for such industries as ore dressing, ceramics and chemistry.The overflow ball mill is one of the most important equipment that is used in the ore beneficiation because its grinding efficiency actually determines the working efficiency of the whole dressing process.However, the solid of revolution is the main part of the ball mill, due to its large size and high manufacturing cost, even though some breakdowns occur, it is impossible to change the whole machine, for this reason, the safety and reliability of the revolution directly influences the working performance of the whole mill.When the machine is working normally, according the difference of the type and size, its barrel and end cap sustain heavy workload ranging from tens of tons to hundreds of tons for a very long time, for this reason, the strength analysis of the revolution becomes the indispensible and very important procedure in the design process.In addition, although the attachment bolt of the barrel is not the main part of the machine, because it plays connecting role to the barrel and the end cap, if a breakage occurs it, the normal work of the equipment will be affected and even influences the smooth operation of the whole dressing process so that the personnel have to do further research to its working reliability.Ball mill:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/21.Htmlore beneficiation:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n28.Html.

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