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Paddle And Pvc Mixers Advantages And Applications

The paddle mixer is a mechanical device, used for mixing of the liquid materials.These mixers are somewhat similar to the plow type but the paddles mounted on the shaft differ in design from that of plow mixer.Paddles can be oriented so as to impact lateral/back and axial mixing and generally operated at high speed than the plow mixer.The speed has to be determined from running trials and the right speed can result in good mixing.Higher speed can cause segregation resulting in heavier product thrown near the walls and lighter products near the center.Paddle mixer advantages: paddle mixers are an ideal tool for rapidly mixing ingredients like gypsum plasters, jointing compounds, paints and fibrous materials.Many paddle mixer manufacturers have come up with heavy duty mixers that can sufficiently mix concrete and come with a hex shaft for attaching to a heavy duty drill or a thread which allows them to be attached to power mixing tools massively increasing their effectiveness.Here's a list of the advantages of paddle mixers: rapid mixing of materials durable mixing paddles steel components powder coated finish attachable to power mixing tools paddle mixer applications: the kneading motion of a paddle mixer makes this type of industrial mixer best suited for heavy-duty materials and applications.Typical paddle mixer material applications include: mixing: fgd scrubber sludge, fly ash and lime for so2 neutralization, municipal sludge for composting facilities, and other processes combining moist and dry feed materials.Conditioning: fly ash, cement or lime kiln dust, foundry dust, iron-oxide, friction material waste, lead fume, iron ore dust, and zinc oxide.Agglomeration: granulation of a variety of materials - agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, coke fines, chemical consumer products, carbon powders, cement kiln dust, flue dust from dust collectors, pigments, and dyes.Pvc mixers:pvc mixers have a minimum of three mixing blades that run at a high speed to get material to the proper temperature throughout the batch to properly absorb and integrate all ingredients.The blades are facilitated with a lid mounted or side wall deflector that pushes material back in to the center of the bowl.Advantages & applications: pvc mixers run at fast speed round the clock which in turn makes them the work horse of a plant and integral to the blending system.The material changes form throughout the batch, from a liquid paste to a dry powder as different ingredients are added throughout the cycle.As a consequence, the motor amperage changes as the batch moves towards its drying out point and its final discharge point.Pvc mixers work in conjunction with cooling mixers.

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