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Pay Attention When Purchasing Cone Crusher

Cone crushing machine is a newly researched and developed hydraulic crusher with big power, high crushing ratio and high producing capacity.It is manufactured on the basis of absorbing and digesting the international advanced-level science and technology.Engineers and experts from hongxing machinery recommend that the following four factors must be paid attention to when the customers purchase this machine, they are material feeding and discharging size, output, power consumption and the abrasion performance of the lining plate.1.Observe the machine's material feeding and discharging size.If the feeding size is big, then the granularity of the finished products will be small.You should choose super coarse type or coarse type; otherwise you should choose the middle type or the fineness type.When you are calculating the feeding size, you need take the measurement of the biggest feeding hole times 0.85 as the dimensional base of the material feed, but the average dimension of the finished products is gotten by the biggest material entering granularity divides the crushing ratio.2.The largest material giving size.The change of the particle size, particle size distribution of material; the material of the hardness, wear resistance of the material.3.The longer the lining board, the higher the power consumption will be.So the hard material chooses short linings, soft material chooses long linings.In the material of distribution, the fine material choose short linings, coarse material choose long lining board.Feeding the distribution of particle size, generally speaking, less than silent edge discharging materials can't more than 10% mouth, if more than 10%, the rising power consumption, the granularity of product can be turned into flake.Viscous material of water cut portion of increase can affect the amount of material through, the moisture in the materials for, usually less than 5%.In the use of power: standard cone crusher should reach 75% ~ 80%, short head cone crusher should reach 80% ~ 85%.4.On the distribution of the feed of the particle size, generally speaking, it is less than the edge of silent discharging mouth, and the material is not more than 10%.If more than, the power consumption will raise the granularity of product present flake.Generally speaking, when impact crusher is in use process, you should pay attention to the following questions to guarantee the normal operation of the machine.In his work, give even feed, can't segregation.If the feeding is uneven, it can cause production ability.Also note that you can't let not broken material into the bunker internal, best equipped with except iron device.Because if often appear not broken material, can cause certain damaged equipment itself.The new type hammer crusher is significantly different from the traditional one in the structure and design because it is integrated with the most advantages of all kinds of crushers.Cone crusher: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_19.Htmlimpact crusher: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/2.Html.

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