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Pneumatic Pinch Valve Characteristics And Summary Of Relevant Knowledge

Pinch valve is the company absorbing foreign advanced technology, independent research and development of new valve products.This series of products have no seal point, leakage phenomenon does not occur; particle abrasion-resistant, fiber-containing liquid transport is not blocked.The performance is comparable with the imported products and has short delivery, affordable, good service and so on.Use the products are widely used: metallurgy, chemical, cement, ceramics, glass, plastics, waste water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, wine industry, transportation fiber-containing liquid, petroleum, pulp, cement, powder, slurry, sewage pollution mud and other fluids, even if mixed with a solid material body can be completely cut off.Performance parameters 03x spool material for rubber nominal diameter (dn) 20-200mm 6 nominal bit 0.6mpa nominal (dn) 0.6mpa l body material is aluminum suitable temperature -20 ℃ -90 ℃ 80 nominal diameter of 80mm ≤ 10% acid concentration degree work is not input in the control medium, the cavity between the sleeve and the valve body communicates with the atmosphere, by the fluid pressure in the outward sleeve tension.As the pipe arrangement comprising angled reinforcing ply, the axial and radial pressure tube sets are balanced, so the length and diameter of the cap will not change due to fluid pressure.When the control medium into the tube between the sleeve and the body cavity, the tube deformation under pressure in the medium cap closure.Precautions 1: compressed air pouches impurities and moisture affect the life of the gas line should be set up filters to remove impurities and moisture.2: when the pipe fully remove impurities in pipes and joints, the chip powder.3: maintenance pouches, be sure to close the gas valve in advance, and will start the circuit compressed air drained before entering the maintenance operation.4: avoid valve sleeve is frozen, it should be used at a temperature below 5 ℃ should be used when handling dry air dryer.Pneumatic pinch valves features same diameter pipe valve: a novel structure is simple, the same rubber sleeve and the pipe diameter, local resistance loss.No leak: no seal point, controlling the media space and the valve channel is completely isolated, no leakage occurs both inside and outside.Impurity close: to rely on rubber sleeve deformation open and close, even if the fluid containing solid particles or fibers impurities does not block, can be quickly wrapped completely closed.Wide application: simple structure, only three parts, can replace bulky, complex structure of the valve, explosion-proof requirements especially for the occasion.Efficient longevity: a unique fabric with reinforced rubber tube sets, able to withstand high-frequency opening and closing operations, acid, alkali and chemical media, has a long service life.Easy installation: no directional valve is installed, use the pipe without cleaning, once the rubber sleeve is damaged, replace the simple and fast.Convenient control: may be needed to achieve local or remote automation control pinch valves, the simplest valve design, include any valve with a flexible elastomer body that can be pinched close to cut off flow, using a mechanism or fluid pressure.They are linear motion valves that can be used to start, stop and throttle media through a system.Pinch valves are low maintenance, low weight and can be used in systems requiring explosion proof line closure.While the design of pinch valves provides extensive advantages for use in sterile lines and in situations where product purity is a high priority, these same design features do create some disadvantages.Due to their elastomeric bodies,pinch valve is not viable in situations where the transport media is at a high temperature.They are also not recommended for services that require high pressure flow and for use with gases.Advantages very clean excellent drainage minimal turbulence low airborne contaminants low maintenance low weight can be used in explosion-proof lines inexpensive disadvantages cannot be used in high temperature applications cannot be used in high pressure applications cannot be used with gas media method of control: pinch valves use a liner motion method of control.The disc is a flexible material liner, similar to a diaphragm.The stem of the pinch valve has a free-moving connection to a moving closure bar, called a compressor, which is located directly above the liner.As the hand wheel is turned,the compressor lowers the liner to squeeze the liner against the bottom support to close the valve.The pressure of the media in the valve can help in starting or stopping the flow.

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