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Poached Egg Three Ways

Poached eggs on toast are so simple, yet so fancy.For whatever reason, they conjure up thoughts of posh handbags, champagne brunches, and long lazy sundays, in the best way possible.We've all seen someone in a high-end cafe tucking in to their eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, and honestly, it always looks amazing.Why then, do very few people ever make poached eggs at home? they're delicious, easy to prepare, and go with so many different foods and flavours.To make sure that everyone gets on to the poached egg bandwagon, here are some of the top poached egg recipes, tips on seasoning for eggs and flavour combinations that you really don't want to miss out on.First up is the classic (no, not eggs benedict, as much as we love that) poached eggs on avocado toast.You've seen this on all the #cleaneating instagram posts, and it seems like all the personal trainers are big fans.Know why? because it tastes out of this world, and it's healthy.Simply spread ripe avocado over a toast of your choice rye, wholegrain, or seed toast are good options.Add some aromat seasoning if you like and some good old salt and pepper.Top with your freshly poached egg and watch as the yolk spreads out over the avocado.Remember to take a photo so you too can join the ranks of the instagram healthy eaters.If it's the weekend and you're feeling like indulging, you can opt for a delicious and classic combination.A bagel or english muffin, topped with smoked salmon, dill, and a poached egg.Hollandaise sauce is recommended, but optional due to the complexity of preparing it.If hollandaise is too much of an effort or you don't like it, you could substitute cottage cheese or even cream cheese and chives.On that note, if you're really want to channel your inner foodie, go ahead and make the hollandaise sauce nice and lemony, and add some asparagus or wilted baby spinach.Smoked salmon, greens, and hollandaise? on bagels? excuse us while we stop drooling! finally, we have something for those of you who aren't so into the fancy poached eggs because, well.We're not too sure.Maybe you're not on instagram or don't believe in the power of avocado toast? do you want to keep your eggs the hero of the dish but still add a little something to kick them up a notch with minimal effort? try breaking out the ultimate flavour enhancer - tabasco or finely chopped chilli and some tarragon.Poach your eggs and quickly add some plain butter on top.Place them on top of your toast, then add your tarragon and aromat chilli seasoning.We guarantee you'll love it.This is also great served alongside some savoury mince if you're after a more hearty breakfast, but it's perfect as a standalone dish too.

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