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Practical Tips For Effective Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is one difficult cleaning task, because there are many different types of surfaces that need to be cleaned.The body of the automobile, the engine, and other components are made of steel and other metals.Naturally, they are hard and sturdy.The interior parts of the vehicle, such as seat upholstery, floor mats, and carpet, are soft surfaces and require an entirely different type of cleaning machine for proper maintenance.Hard surface cleaning the hard exterior surfaces require powerful cleaning systems, such as a pressure washer.The machines utilize highly pressurized water to blast away residues from vehicle surfaces.The use of hot water or steam units, also referred to as mobile car wash or steam car wash machines, enables users to also soften and dissolve tree sap, grease, mud, and other substances for faster removal.As long as the pressure level of automotive pressure washers does not exceed 1500 psi, they can be used on painted vehicle bodies, windshield and windows, and other surfaces.The hard surfaces within the vehicle require a different kind of machine, a steam cleaner.These systems utilize "dry" vapor steam at high temperatures up to 360°f to dissolve dirt and stains.Steam cleaning systems are ideal for cleaning the dashboard, consoles, and door jambs; spot cleaning upholstery and carpeting; and cleaning windows and windshields with a squeegee attachment.Selecting the right system for automotive carpet for interior auto detailing, low-flow carpet cleaners are the right machines.The output temperature can vary up to 210°f.The output pressure level can range up to 500 psi.A specialized upholstery tool is also essential.Carpet wands are far too large for cleaning the tight spaces within the interiors of vehicles.Thus, a four-inch upholstery wand is ideal.In auto detailing, it is important to know that pre-spraying carpets and upholstery with a green carpet cleaning solution is the first step.Then, carpet shampooers can be used to inject a mixture of water and a cleaning solution onto automobile carpets and upholstery.The operator can use the upholstery wand attached to the system to agitate the surface.The cleaning agents will disrupt the bond between the dirt material and the carpet fibers.The agitation will result in the formation of a residue including both the chemical and impurities.This residue is extracted completely and deposited in the recovery tank.Drying time when carpet upholstery cleaning, it is important to consider drying time, the time required for the surface to dry completely after the cleaning process.All detailing professionals want quick drying times to increase turnaround, reduce the need for vehicle storage overnight, and keep customers happy with quick and thorough results.However, if conventional carpet cleaning supplies are used, they will have to wait 8-24 hours for carpets to dry before the vehicle can be returned to the customer.Thanks to new technology, the best carpet upholstery cleaning equipment offers a drying time of less than two hours.These carpet cleaners are equipped with low flow technology.The use of less water not only reduces drying times, it also reduces the risk of mold, mildew, or bacteria growth in damp carpets.To offer the complete auto detailing package to your customers, it is important to have the right equipment to accomplish each individual application.Mobile car wash and steam car wash equipment, low-flow carpet cleaners, and green cleaning chemicals are a must.

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