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Preparation Before Basic Installment Of Ore Mill

The base component of the ore mill not only supports the whole weight of the machine, but bears the dynamic load resulted from the impact and vibration produced by the operation of the equipment.The loading capacity and the stability of the base are the most important factors that relate to normal work of the devices and at the same time, we should make sure that the base will be submerge or crack in the operational process of the mill, for this reason, the base of the equipment should be installed onto the solid foundation, and is has high and strict requirement to the weight of the steel concrete which must be two point five to three times of the grinder.The base cannot be linked together with the footing of the wall or the pillars of the plant and under normal circumstances, the distances between them should be kept 1 meter and at the same at least 40 to 50 mm.If the distance is too small, the workers should fill with the slab stone in order to prevent the vibration of the building during the operation of the ore mill.Before the installment of the ball mill, the workers should examine and check carefully the relative position relations between the base and the adjacent buildings and structures and the adjacent machine sets and make sure the their distances are conformed to the stipulations on the design drawing.There are many methods in the examination process, for example, measure with the measuring apparatus from a certain fiducial point or measure using bracing wire.All these methods are used in order to find out exactly the mutual position relations between them and figure out precisely their main sizes, for example, make sure the horizontal distance, depth of parallelism and verticality, levelness and relative altitude difference of the axis of the ball mill, the gear axis of the reduction box and the axis of the motor and what is more, in order to make sure whether the position and dimension of the obligate hole of the foundation bolt are conformed to the requirement of the design paper and the actual production conditions and whether the actual size of the screw hole on the bottom of the ball mill are all the same.After the check and examination work is confirmed and the workers can maker sure that various kinds of parameters are exact without error, then they can proceed to the installment work after figuring out the positions and sizes.In addition, before the installment of the ball mill, the technicians should examine uniformly and completely all the ore beneficiation equipment in order to make sure whether the equipment are all in readiness and whether there is any defects and whether they are conformed to the installment and working requirement and in the meantime cleanse the main parts of the machines and inject oil into them.Ball mill:http://www.Hx-china.Com/14.Htmlore beneficiation:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n28.Html.

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