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Preparation Work Before Normal Operation Of Dryer

In order to make sure that the dryer can be put into normal operation and work, in addition to learn and keep the skills of installation in mind, the operator should also have to learn the details in its initial operation.As the largest mining machinery manufacturing company in henan province, hongxing machinery will elaborate the preparation work and details in the machine's normal operation from the professional point of view.(1) adjustment of the internal clearance: the internal clearance mainly refers to turn back board, plasma and article labyrinth and the gap between the hammers.The dimensions of the gaps will have an influence on that whether there is stockpile material on the article labyrinth and near the safety door.If the stockpile material exists and the hammer cannot press down it from the article labyrinth, then the hammer head will suffer from severe friction and wear and tear.For this reason, in the use process, the machine must be often adjusted the clearance of each part, so that it is in a proper scope.(2) it is necessary for the ore beneficiation machines to debugging and grinding-in after the installation, the dryer machine is no exception.As for this machine, there will be a period of about three days of grinding time generally speaking, which can also be called "running-in period".(3) the grinding-in period is an important segment in order to maker sure the machine works in a normal way, reduce the break down rate and prolong its service life.But due to the lack of the common use sense or the time limit is tight, or just for harvesting the gains as soon as possible, some users will the matters needing attention for then new equipment in the grinding-in period.(4) many customers do not understand the details which needed to pay attend to in its running-in period which causes the machine can not work normally or it works with low efficiency.In order to successfully go through the running-in period to ensure that the machine can work effectively and stably, the dryer equipment can work normally, improve the work efficiency, hongxing machinery reminds users to pay attention to the above matters needing attention.(5) the dryer"s technical parameters: these parameters can also affect the service life of the dryer, of which the main one is the power and speed of the rotor.They are not only related to the machine's production ability, but also related to the degree of the impact hardening of the hammer.If it has an excellent impact hardening degree, its service life can be extended.Hongxing machinery is glad to solve other problems related to the usage and maintenance of mining machines like jaw crusher and professional screening and grinding equipment.Cement plant:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/62.Html classifier:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/22.Html.

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