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Problems And Reformation Of Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher is divided into: single-stage hammer crusher, efficient hammer crusher, sand machine, vertical shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crushers.Although it has a powerful crushing capacity, but relatively it does have some problems inherent in the red star machine experts from the hammer crusher, how to correct and change how to fully resolve:existing one, hammer crusherdual screen border of the original machine, but because of the direct commitment from the rotor and the chalk in the middle of the screen frame, resulting in greater wear and tear, excessive wear and tear caused by the middle of a half-screen framework is installed unsafe, often loosening, peeling , which will lead to maintenance difficulties, old middle of the screen frame is equal to about 14% of the materials in the field of screen supports up qualified limestone crushing can not put out here again and again to break the broken chalk, lead to the fragmentation efficiency is low, the output is not high2, hammer crusher reform measuresdelete the middle of the half-vice of the screen border and change the original dual-screen border to a single one, and then change the original 2-1, the root of the screen of the screen.Article of the screen material remains unchanged, then the overall casting the rabphysical in the middle of the article the screen in order to increase the strength of the article screenand keep the hammer rotating circle distance between the same after transformation screen.3, hammer crusher impact of reformremove the middle of the semi-vice-screen box, through the screening area of the qualified limestone and coal mill increase about 14% of the articles, and improve the efficient production of the crusher to 65 of about 75 t / h.The 2.4 kwh / t power limestone is reduced to 2.0 kwh / t.Each only 15,000? vice hammer gravel, but after the reform, due to increased production, 25000 need to change the gravel a hammer.Cause the machine to frequent repair and maintenance work number and impact of production because the life of the screen frame and screen is easy to wear a sieve, this problem has been resolved after the reform, each month will save two-pack of stainless steel rods.Cement plant : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/5.Htmflotation separator : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/flotationcell.Htmjaw crusher : http://www.Mine-crusher.Combelt conveyor : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/beltconveyor.Htmsand washer : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/sandwasher.Htm.

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