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Problems Facing Domestic Sand Making Project

In recent years, the fast development of the artificial sand making industry significantly drives the application of the mining machines, especially that the application of impact type crusher is much wider.The screening equipment is the classifying equipment that is often used in the impact crushing process at present and its main function is to classify the large part of the material whose granularity is bigger than the standard one and send it to the original crusher to be crushed again and in the end the material will reach the stipulated production granularity.Because the working process of various kinds of crushing machines and screening machines and the transportation part of the material will generate large quantity of dust which cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment so that the working conditions will become very severe.For this reason, in the sand making process, dust removing equipment is added in order to reduce the pollution.The detailed procedure is to install fan, dirt catcher, powder stock and other plants in the sand manufacturing line, and add cover, shield and dust absorption pipe on the crushing and screening devices and the transportation part of the material in order to avoid the spread of the powders.However, the conditions of the domestic sand manufacturing line is not integrated and in order to adjust the production demands, the combination of the breaking and screening and dust removing equipment on the artificial sand production site, the production order is chaos and the covering size is also increased.For this reason, the installation and the implementation of the dust removing devices cannot be operated completely which leads to the powder pollution is very severe and it causes serious influences to the workers' health and the surrounding environment, so the processing site is mainly distributed in the mining hills or the places where there are few people in order to the avoid bad influences to the surrounding people.In addition, the other question in this industry is that the artificial sand manufactured by various kinds of impact crusher that uses impact force to crush materials has certain limit on the granularity and it cannot reach below 3.0 so that the level match is nor ideal.The features of this kind of equipment is high efficiency when crushing big material but low efficiency when breaking small material, and especially when the granularity of the raw material is below 10mm, with the decrease the granularity, its crushing efficiency is decreasing significantly and what is more, some large-sized material cannot be crushed perfectly, and that is why when independently using impact crusher to manufacture sand, vibrating screen and material returning back must be done.The dry sand producing technology in our country is not perfect on the dust removing process which needs to be solved as soon as possible.However if we want to solve the problem once for all, we must further our research.Impact crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/2.Htmlvibrating screen:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/8.Html.

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