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Produce Energy From Regional Waste Using Biomass Briquette Plant

The biomass briquette plant technology is a key solution for waste management and energy production.The million tons of the agricultural waste in many countries are either non used or burnt inefficiently in their unfastened form causing soil erosion and air pollution.Also, use and transportation of this waste substance is not easy due to their low density.So, the biomass briquetting plant provides the way to recycle and reuse this wastage in to the best solid form called biomass briquettes.The local agricultural and forestry wastage can be simply converted into a high density bio fuel with the help of biomass briquette press machine.The biomass briquette plant project is economically feasible and viable project as the agro-forestry residues and biomass raw materials are available within the nearby area and can be available in copious quantity with cheaper rates.The cylindrical briquettes formed by applying high pressure and temperature in the briquette machine.The briquetting machine is able to make briquettes from any kind of agro-forestry waste which having a moisture content below 10%.Also, one major advantage of using the biomass briquette machines is that it does not use any kind of additional binder or chemical to manufacture briquettes.So, the chemical free briquetting technology is really helpful to save our environment.The fuel briquette is pollution free white coal that can be used as an alternative to all the previous fuels used for heat and energy purposes.The briquettes are ash free and renewable substance, so the briquette manufacturing plant has too many advantages as follows: 100 % depreciation on the briquette plant and machineries in the tax burden various raw materials are easily available trouble free storage and transportation of fuel briquettes there is no sales tax and excise duty on briquettes in most of the state economically feasible as various financial institutes provides financial subsidies on plant and machineries no problem of disposing of waste while making briquettes as briquette machines are eco-friendly no need of noc from the pollution control board helpful project to farmers as they can earn profit by selling agro-crop waste pollution free and green project used to save natural resources so, in developing and agricultural based countries like india, there is a large scope of the briquette plant project due to the huge availability of biomass and regional waste.To be a part of your nation's global energy supply, start using the briquetting technology for energy production.

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