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Produce Energy With Green Briquettes

Briquettes are really energy conservative product.The briquettes are manufactured from the low density industrial and agro-waste and forestry residues.Huge quantity of materials like forest leaves, wood chips, sawdust, tree bark, grasses and shrubs, sander dust, bamboo leaves are of forestry waste, other agricultural wastes like shells of groundnut and almonds, rice-husks, cotton flowers and stalks, and other industrial wastes are grinding with high pressure in briquetting press machine.This briquetting machine produces innumerable quantity of briquettes at a time.The briquetting machines do not generate any harmful chemicals that lead to the environmental pollution.Hence, this manufacturing process does not require any expensive pollution control equipments.Also this process does not require any additional heat or power generator instruments required to make briquettes.Therefore, we can say that the briquetting plants manufacturing is only an energy conventional process, not energy consuming one.The giant briquetting machines apply pressure to the materials of small size up to 3-5 mm and compress them to form the high density briquettes.In this developing era, the use of black charcoal is decreased due to increasing the demand for eco-friendly white bio coal briquettes.So, the manufacturing business of the biomass briquettes is started all over the world.The briquettes are taking place of the black coal in boilers in many industries, in forges for metal heating and melting process, for firing furnaces in brick kilns and ceramic units, and also residential and commercial house holding for the purpose of the heat and electricity generation and food making.Hence, nowadays, briquetting plant manufacturer earns more profit by investing in this green business.Seeing all these applications and uses of the briquettes, this business can be put in the category of one of the energy conventional business.In india, since 1991, radhe industrial corporation (rico) is the famous and experienced leading manufacturing industry of biomass briquetting machine.Rico has the latest technology and high quality machines that they export and supplies to their customers.Jumbo 90 briquetting machine is firstly launched by us in india in 1996.Jumbo 90 is only high quality machine which can accept any kind of materials without any chemical by using minimum electricity.To set up this plant is also beneficial for certain state as these states are free to pay income tax on the briquettes for 5 years.So, we can say that briquetting plant manufacturers are the great contributors to the energy saving business.

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