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Promising Asphalt Drum Mix Plants To Make Your Business More Profitable

Asphalt drum mix plants play an important role in the manufacture of black-top used in construction of pavements in parks, roadways, etc.They help in mixing of various elements for road building like asphalt, stones, bitumen and sometimes additives or colour.Sometimes dust may be added into the mixture.Mixing of all the components is done in fixed proportions as per the requirement.In the mixture, aggregates are heated and they stick to asphalt, minerals, sand, etc.At specific temperatures before they get laid on the road.Proper mixing of all these elements at specific temperature and quantity is critical as such mix will play a critical role.This is where a quality hot mix plant comes into picture.The word "quality" is of out most importance because we need each element to be in fixed proportion.A high quality equipment will help achieve this with less pain.Plants by atlas industries will help in achieving desired production rates with continuous operation.Important and critical asphalt plant parts are: cold aggregate feeders, charging conveyor with load cell for aggregate weighing, single drum for drying and mixing of aggregates, dry and wet type pollution control units, load out conveyor, mineral filler, fuel tank for dryer burner, bitumen storage tanks, control panel inside control cabin.When these parts work properly, timely and complement each other, the equipment gives desired results.This is where an atlas asphalt mixing plant shows its quality by producing hot mix continuously.When a customer buys a drum mixing plant he desires that his machine should perform when required and serve him for years.In this type of machinery, the customer has got numerous recipes to add because of the various mixes he might be doing for various projects.If the customer is in the business of selling hot mix asphalt, he will have option to input and store up to 99 recipes in the plc control panel which comes with the asphalt drum mix plant.So every time the operator will not be entering the data manually, he will just retrieve the saved data from the memory.There is provision to print mix material details so that in your absence you know what is being cooked.Capacities available are: 40-60 tph 60-90 tph 90-120 tph capacities above 120 tph are tailor made.Advantages of our asphalt drum mix plants: when we talk about advantages, we primarily focus on few aspects of an equipment which are as below.Initial cost: our plant is surprisingly low on initial cost and that too without being compromised for quality in any part of the plant.Maintenance: all the parts used have been sourced from reputed companies and care is taken that most of the things are available locally in the importing country.The cost of the spare parts is also low for our plant compared to others.Easy operation: the control panel software is in house meaning that we have taken care to make it user friendly instead of directly buying it from a vendor.Easy installation: with little experience and foundation drawings from atlas, you can do civil work at your end and set and start using your plant.Main thing is that you should have a smart and willing operator.If you are unconfortable, our engineers are ready to visit you.Experience: with more than 35 years in the business, we are aware of the expectations of the customer.Design: our plants offered are with a proven design, so there is no risk on the part of customer.Various alternatives available: when we talk about alternatives for drum mix plant, we have asphalt batch mix plants, counter flow asphalt plants, mobile asphalt drum mix plants and mobile counter flow asphalt mixers.

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