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Purchase Secondhand Excavator Need To Pay Attention To Various Details

With high temperature rise of engineering machinery, many users to target by buying machine, new market turned to ershouji market, compared with the new machine, it ershouji is in the price he should have the absolute superiority, advantages and disadvantages, to buy a used car than new car prone to failure, if the excavator is not very understanding, fraud is inevitable, according to a lot of ershouji user revealed that in the first half of 2011 in guangzhou and shenzhen and other regions have 80% is 3 hands, four hand even accident machine, with renovation and so on a series of processing,stone production line it is hard to identify from appearance to the quality of the machine.First, if you want to buy used machines, to the car, be sure to please a qualifications deep old jishou to help a car,cement making plant and then commissioning.Second, buy used machines, don't covet petty gain, feel the machine they expected still lower than many, that one will be rigged, so be careful shopping.The small make up visiting tang shan area of some of the user, and they know some buy ershouji experience and attention, this has concluded some identify used machines method, the hope can give you buy used machines, as a reference.Buy anything first look at is the appearance, excavator, experienced users, at the first glance that estimate the use situation, how many hours work, how wear degree,bucket sand washer etc.So what appearance to see what, how to look? this is also a lot of troubles users, the next to introduce the small make up what appearance to see what parts.First, excavator big forearm, observation excavator arm and forearm have you crack, trace of welding, if appear crack, proof before the operation condition of the dry machine is poor,china spiral classifier the machines were severely damaged.This machine even buy back, also is bad to do.Second, observe every tank have knock against mark, if appear knock against, prove machine ever have a serious damage, the oil cylinder would have kept oil leakage, even put on a new oil seal will also continue to oil leakage in a short time, so in buy secondhand machines, check the oil cylinder is also very important.Third, fourth check the area, first observed the drive wheels, guide wheel,magnetic drum separator a heavy round, holds pulleys and tracks for wear serious.Second check is the original chain, in the chain the sign, if this flag and the machines corresponding to the information that the chain is original, if not conform to, that is to change the chain, the machine can wear more serious, so want to buy cautiously, want to check the last two walk motor, whether in during walking speed is same, if a fast one slow that proved to have a problem, tracked and each work round is also look carefully, a look at your car a heavy round upper whether badly worn, because the cost of maintenance chassis is also very high.Fourth, engine commonly known as excavator "cement production lineheart", so in buy secondhand machines must be carefully check the engine, the test when listening to the engine noise is there, the power is strong, the time to work out whether any speed phenomenon, at the same time also can enter into the system watch to see whether the exhaust emissions from automobiles is bigger, if emissions from automobiles slants big proved engine working time partial long, need to overhaul, in addition, observe whether start engine appear blue smoke, start later haven't started working on appeared smoke imagine, the engine burn the oil problem is proved.Fifth, buy used machines to check when rotating motor, observe whether powerful spin, spin is made a lot of noise, if there is need to look at the noise which part of the noise, and then take a close look at rotary backing plate whether there is a gap, then also want to observe carefully excavator distributorsand washer, because the main functions are distributor control each work move, so in the purchase of ershouji test must be see excavator each work action is coherent, whether there is a pause of situation.Mining is strong, testing method is to dig up a fill of soil and then observe every tank top mentioned whether inside leaking phenomena appear, the notes in the purchase of the used car is very important, so must careful choose car.Sixth, hydraulic pump is the power of the hydraulic system components, and its function is to convert the mechanical energy prime mover of the liquid pressure, hydraulic pressure system of oil pump, it to the hydraulic system to provide power.So the hydraulic pump examination is very important, buy secondhand unit to use a hand to touch the hydraulic pump, observe any earthquake hand feeling, then check the hydraulic pump have crack, whether any oil leakage serious, commissioning, observed hydraulic pump is strong, no noise.Seventh, check the electrical system, whether the circuit can work normally, and then into the computer system checks the main board, if enter the system can see after work, such as rpm, pressure, maintenance model, it is normal that computer board.All of the above note is small collect hope can help to you, if you have a better method, can carry out and talk together, and prevent fraud when buying second-hand car.Cement rotary kiln:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/rotary-kiln.Html feed grizzly:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/china-vibrating-feeder.Html flotation cell:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/flotation-separator.Html.

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