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R Ashwin Though Shining Needs Strategy

History reminds us that a young off-spinner, harbhajan singh, who was named man of the series for his 32 wickets, made a credit crunch for glenn mcgrath's last delivery through point to seal a thrilling victory for india at chepauk over a decade ago, however, the same was not repeated this time as though r ashwin who came quite similar to harbhajan's economy.Ashwin's diffence shot at the 5th ball was quite surprising and even his attitude of taking singles at the moment when he knew the importance of wicket to give much time to ishant sharma.However, indian captain mahender singh dhoni said with regard to this, "most of our dismissals were at the wrong time.Some kind of partnerships was going on [and] we lost a wicket.That put pressure back on us.Most of the batsmen who got out were the ones who were playing shots.I won't say it was very easy.It was quite easy to stay at the wicket, but difficult to score runs.A few of us thought that if we can rotate strike and look for those singles, it will become a bit easy as the game progresses.But that [attempted singles] really went to the fielders and added more pressure."but the fact is it was not a fun as you can now have the ultimate fun while practicing cricket at the shopping malls and clubs with cricket bowling machine.This has become a greater fashion for anybody to have ultimate fun time with your friends and family with a cricket bowling machine at any big shopping malls or club.This is a question of india's winning and it was looked very easy at the moment when india made all-out the tourist in the morning half of the 5th day getting a few runs to win the match.Although dhoni pointed out the bowling ways as he said, "i think there was bit of bounce for the bowlers, particularly the spinners.For the fast bowlers, the ball stopped.Once you looked to play a shot you had to be really careful, as you had to be to the pitch of the ball.If not, then you got out [caught] in the covers or midwicket." but we have seen the importance lies was batting style and order.That was made kidding for the audience to see a fatal result at the end.However, dhoni realized the fact and said finally, "we never started thinking [of] it as a draw.We tried to create a bit of panic [while bowling] and i think most of the time we were able to put pressure on them.That was one of the main reasons we were successful in the first session.".

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