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Real Life Bartending Facts

We all love to spend our weekends in the bars but it is not very easy to handle more than 30 customers at the same time from behind the bar on a busy weekend.If you notice them closely, you would genuine learn to love and respect the friendly bartenders in your life in your favourite bar.Check out this article to know why and to see life from behind the serving table of the bar.The cocktails that you order take longer to be made than you think.Before complaining to the floor manager, consider the process involved in making your cocktail.They have to make acute measurement and juice lemons.Sometimes your dink needs to be shaken once but sometimes it requires to be shaken more than once depending upon its ingredients.It usually takes around 8-10 minutes to prepare one cocktail.A bartender needs to keep a lot of things in his or her head.Did you ever see a bartender looking at a recipe before preparing your cocktail? no, right? there are a hell lot of cocktails available in a single bar and each requires different ingredients in different measurements and a bartender has to remember all these accurately.A single mistake can ruin the drink and his or her image.Good bartenders have hundreds of cocktail recipes in their heads and they deserved to be respected for that.There are a lot of distractions as well.Some customers come up and ask for beer while some ask for the directions to the bathroom.A bartender has to work and mix every ingredients of the cocktail perfectly amidst all these without complaints.A good bartender can make good cocktails only if he or she remains focused and they do so midst all chaos.It is a difficult job.Bartending is not easy as you might end up spilling egg whites all over or spilling alcohol on your uniform.A bartender gets tired of squeezing lemons and other citrus fruits or shaking tins.Their feet hurt due to constant standing all throughout the night.So next time before ordering your drink and getting mad at your bartender, keep these things in mind as these would help you to understand what all they go through to serve you your favourite drink and satisfy all his or her clients so that they give him or her a goof tip.

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