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Reasons For Illegal Operating Jaw Crusher

In the mining or gravel plant,it must pay attention to the correct operation of jaw crusher,in order to avoid accidents.At the same time,the manager in mining or gravel plant,he should tightly grasp safety production and safety operation, and inculcate the sense of safety to workers.Safety into work, it can be ensure the normal operation, also it can reduce down the direct costs which is caused by the accidents.One mining plant's feeding system is consisted by belt conveyor to feeding,after crushed by jaw crusher, it goes into the next process.One night(0:00 to 8:00 am),mr wang,one of the workers,was responsible for operating in this position.Because the percent of large raw materials occupies more,it's diffcult to feed into crusher.If the material is so large, it must stop the crusher,remove the materials, manually using a sledgehammer to hit them into small pieces first.According to the normal operation,completed the on-duty production tasks only need five hours,but this time,they only complete about 60% of the on-duty production tasks when there was two hours to end the work.At about 6 a.M,a chunk of materials fed into thecrusher,the operator saw the crusher is empty run,but the materials weren't fed into it any more.So he stopped the belt conveyor,going straight to the feed mouth of the crusher,the left foot stand on the edge of the console,and made the materials fed into the crusher with his right foot hard.The stone was fed into the crusher,but too much force, as a result of his right foot is entered into the crusher,and all the bones under the ankle is broken.The direct reason: mr wang's illegal operation.In order to complete the poduction task as soon as possible,he was so anxious to finished.In accordance with the crusheroperation rules,when the crusher was blocked with the materialas,must stop the crusher.Mr wang didn't take measures to stop,but with his foot to squeeze materials, so the accident is happened.The indirect reason: 1.The safety management of the factory is lax.Mr wang didn't wear the shoes in accordance with rules,the leader who was on duty found this,but not forbidden.2.The worker's sense of safety is weak.If mr wang had a little more self-protection sense in this accidents,it can be avoided.3.More attention to the production and little for safety is one of the important reasons causing this accidents.The responsibility identification: the department in charge of safety made an analysis based on the scene of the accidents and the work environment,he said this is a man-made accidents.Mr wang is the responsible person of this accidents.The leader who on-duty also had an unshirkable responsibility because of his lax management.The factory deal with the two workers:mr wang was hurt seriously,he does not need to bear the economic sanctions.When he recovered within 30 days, he write a written guarantee.The leader was fired.The preventive measures: 1.To enhance the training and education of safety knowledge, enhance safety awareness of the workers, improve the safety skills and self-protection.2.Increase checking the scene's safety,avoiding illegal operation and illegal command.With its high quality products such as combination crusher, china cone crusher, ore flotation equipment, raymond mill, impact crusher, henan hongxing mining machinery co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.Cement mill price : http://www.China-crusher.Com/cement-mill5.Html china sand washer : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/8.Htm cement making plant : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/5.Htm vibrating screen : http://www.China-crusher.Com/c-vibrating-screen1.Html jaw crusher : http://www.China-crusher.Com.

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