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Recommend Redstar High Efficient Grinding Machine

For a concentrating mill that can process 100000 tons ores every year, if using advanced technology in crushing and grinding process flow, it can save electricity and material consumption, almost to 400000 yuan.Before grinding, the ore grain size in traditional small concentrating mill is about 25 mm, which will make the grinding efficiency of grinding machine reduced greatly.Grinding machine is fine grinding equipment.For coarse crushing efficiency of grinding machine is low, when the ore stones which 25mm are ground to 80 u m, when the grinding efficiency is very low.A ton of ore stones with medium hardness need 25 kwh power of consumption or so.Advanced crushing process can crush the ores into 10 mm or less the then a ton of ore stones only needs 13kwh power consumption or so.At present we often use ball grinder.The main bearings are babbitt tile bearing whose running resistance is high oil and consumption is large.Bearings in large machine still need to be equipped with lubrication station, whose maintenance is difficult.Electric consumption for grinding 1 ton ores is 25 kilowatt-hours (kwh) or so; now the main bearing of the energy-saving one is using roller bearing, who grinds a ton of ore in the consumption of 18 kwh or so.The dry oil lubrication can save 80% lubricating oil or more.Large mills remove the lubrication station of main bearing and maintenance is needed once a year and equipment availability can reach 100%.The lining board of ordinary ball mill is bar-type, step type or wavy.And the disadvantages of these several lining boards are when the wear of lining board reach to a certain degree, the board will be bending and deformation, which could make the board can not be used.Another disadvantage is the surface shape of the lining board is simple, steel ball and lining board have small contact area, the grinding ability is not enough, the grinding efficiency is low, so the grinding machine has low yield.Here are double u lining boards are recommended, whose advantages is there are ripples along the circumference of mill barrel and groove along the axis on grinding machine.When the mill is operating, the height of the materials rising is high and the interface between lining board and materials are more so that the grinding efficiency is improved.This kind of lining board can improve the yield by 6% or more, compared with ordinary grinding machine.So we strongly recommend highly efficient and energy-saving grinding machine in hongxing machinery.Ball mill:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Html.

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