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Relative Movement Of Dryer Machine And Disc Crushes Material

The dryer machine, compared with ball mill which is placed horizontally, it stands to work, this kind of standing grinding machine is called the dryer machine in the cement industry: the dryer, according to the bed material crushing principle, through the relative movement of the dryer and disc to crush the materials, and by hot air, dry mill fine materials, grading device on the ground, in classification, thick powder millstone were shattered to fall into.The material of finished products sent out by grinding the air bag dust collector collection.Roller pressure machine is the two opposite rotating and the dryer composition: fixed stick and activities roller.The dryer management is an important part of modern enterprise management.Complete management of "people are the first" and give priority to technical management of overhaul plan.And the maintenance and operation index decomposition dryer contracted responsibility system, the economic increase staff master consciousness and manoeu-vre staff subjective initiative, sound, establish the rules and regulations, management procedures, make the scientific management of the dryer, systematization and standardization.To achieve high yield, high quality, and the system of low cost, safety, clean production, and provide the most basic guarantee.The specific work starts from the following aspects: (1) strengthen employee skills training(2) improve the dryer technology archives(3) implement plan maintenance(4) perfect the spare parts, spare parts management(5) carry out maintenance responsibility system(6) assess safe production and cost decomposition circular vibrating sieve is a new high-effective vibrating screen, with multi-layers, keeping circular vibration 。 the tube circle vibrating screen postures partiality axis vibrator and partial piece of adjusting amplitude, material sieve drip line is long, more screening specifications, its structure is reliable, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, small vibration noise, durable, easy maintenance, safe to use , the vibrating screen is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy resources, chemical industry and products classification.Parts and working principle of circular vibrating screen the dryer machine fall directly into the upper millstone in high rotation speed.In high speed centrifugal force function, and the other part of umbrella-shape way to shunt millstone around in the high-speed collisions and crushing produced flying rocks, stone in the crash into each other, and will be formed between applications and chassis and cause of the several times.

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