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Removing Dents From A Car Needs Expert Knowledge And Skill

Car dents can happen to anyone and at any time.You may have parked your car in a supermarket car park and come back to find someone has left a dent.You may be driving along and a stone is thrown up onto the body of the car leaving behind a tell-tale dent.The paint may not be damaged but the dent does serve as a reminder that your car looks less than perfect.Would you repair the dent yourself or get it fixed by a professional? consider diy if you are handy and have a little knowledge then you can try removing dents from your car on your own.You could succeed, if it is a minor blemish.There are several methods recommended for the removal of small dents in the car body.Dents that do not have scratched paint and creases are easy to tackle whereas dents on curved surfaces will be harder to sort out.A suggested way to try and sort out the issue is to get some dry ice and gloves, a hair dryer and aluminum foil.Switch on the hair dryer and warm the dented area, moving the dryer constantly to ensure uniform heating.You may cover the paint with aluminum foil to prevent it from blistering.Now cover other parts of the panel with the foil, take some dry ice and press it down on the dented area, moving it around rapidly to cool the area.The dented area may realign with the rest of the metal shape.If this does not work or if you are not prepared to do this, then you can simply fill the dent with putty, sand it down and get a spray can of matching paint and spray the area.Professionals work in a different way as you can see below.Professional dent removal methods one of the best methods of tackling dents is the paintless dent removal process carried out by an expertly trained professional.This involves the removal of the specific body panel where the dent is and then using special tools to massage the dent from the other side.You may think massaging the underside of the dented area is easy and you could do it yourself.It is not as easy as it sounds.First, the body panel must be removed and this calls for some expertise.You don't just rub the dent with any tool.They know just how much pressure to apply to lift the dent.Paint on the outer surface is not affected during the process of paintless dent removal.Where the metal has been creased or deeply dented, it will require even more skill and the use of more specialised tools for a full restoration job and this is something only a professionals can handle.You may not be lucky in always getting away with a minor dent.You could be involved in a collision that leaves a deep dent or a dent on the curved part of the car.The process of removing deep dents from such areas calls for exceptional professional expertise and the use of specific tools and equipment, especially when a respray is required.Leave it to the professionals who have the experience to remove all sorts of dents.They will work closely with the insurance company and their approved repair shops to get the job done quickly and professionally.Heavy or deep dents call for the removal of the car panel, a thorough inspection to assess the best methods followed by implementation.This process may also make use of a blow torch in addition to hydraulic equipment to bring the metal back into shape or to cut, weld and grind the damaged areas.Re spraying will be required following these repairs and this is handled by another set of experts.Dent repair is an art and a science blended together with lots of experience and skill.There are car repair centres and there are specialists in dent repairs.For perfect dent removal, trust only the experts.

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