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Renewable Energy Fuel

Day by day as population increases requirements of energy resources also increases.Thus, use of fossil fuel is increasing.But fossil fuels are polluting energy source that exists in finite amount.Use of fossil fuel has tremendous impact on the world ecology and global climate.One of the net combustion products from burning this type of fuel is to release stored carbon into earth's atmosphere.Carbon dioxide acts as a blanket, trapping heat into atmosphere and causing earth temperature to rise.Fossil fuel based diesel releases strong carcinogens that increases the risk of lung disease, asthma and cancer.So, it is necessary to use renewable sources.Renewable energy is the energy produced from natural resources - such as sunlight, wind, biomass, rain, tides etc.Solar: this form of energy depends on the nuclear fusion power from the core of the sun.Solar energy can be used directly heating and lighting home, for generating electricity, for solar cooling, hot water heating and a variety of commercial and industrial uses.Two main types of solar energy systems are in use today: photovoltaic and thermal system.Wind: the movement of the atmosphere is driven by differences of temperature at the earth's surface.Wind energy can be used to pump water or generate electricity.Kinetic energy in the wind is converted into mechanical power by wind turbines.Geo thermal: the source of geo thermal energy is combined inside the earth, it creates molten magma.There are few different types of geothermal energy that can be tapped.The heat generated from these hot spots flows outward toward the surface.Biomass: the word "biomass" refers to the organic matters that have stored the energy from the process of photosynthesis.Many of the biomass fuels used come in the form of wood product, dried vegetation and crops residues.Biomass has become one of the most commonly used renewable sources of energy due to its low energy and domestic nature.It is of almost 15% of the world's total energy supply.One way to use biomass is to produce ethanol, a liquid bio fuel.It can be used in special type of cars that are made for using alcohol fuel instead of gasoline.This reduces our dependency on fossil fuel.This biomass is burnt inefficient in its loose form and produces the carbon dioxide, which pollute the environment.This biomass waste can be converted into the solid form, which is called briquettes or white coal.The biomass waste(renewable fuel) is passed into the briquetting press as a raw material and gets the briquettes as an output.Briquettes can help reduce global warming compared to fossil fuel powered plant.The use of biomass energy is environment friendly because the biomass can be recycled, reduced and reused.Thus, use of renewable fuel helps us to save environment and save earth.

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