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Roald Dahl The Great Children Storyteller

Writing books for children is very difficult, as the writer would have to think from their perspective.The story should be exciting, interesting, enlightening and in some cases informative.Hence, the writer needs to be in the shoes of the children in order to understand the world of children.There are very many children' book writers but only a very few are liked by the children.And one such writer was dahl roald, a british writer who wrote books for both adults and children.Referred to as "one of the greatest storytellers for children of the 20th century", roald dahl' children' books were known for their unsentimental and very dark humor.His works are so famous that his birthday is celebrated as "roald dahl day" in africa, the united kingdom and latin america.Roald dahl' notable children' books · james and the giant peach· charlie and the chocolate factory· george' marvellous medicine· fantastic mr.Fox· matilda· the witches· the bfg the following are three of the famous children' books written by roald dahl.James and the giant peachit narrates the story of a boy named james henry trotter, who after the death of his parents in a terrible accident, comes to live with his horrible aunts, spiker and sponge.They both ill-treat the four-year-old boy for no reason.The rest of the story is about his meeting with a strange little man and his magical adventures.It had been turned into a movie and was well received.Charlie and the chocolate factorywritten in 1964, it tells the story of a boy named charlie bucket and his adventures in a chocolate factory owned by chocolatier willy wonka.The film adaptations of this book are willy wonka & the chocolate factory in 1971, and charlie and the chocolate factory in 2005.In 1972 roald dahl came up with a sequel to the book titled charlie and the great glass elevator and was even working on a third book but could not finish it.The new edition of the dahl roald books charlie and the chocolate factory is out now and is available at a discounted rate at any online book shop with cash on delivery.Matildaadapted into a movie in 1996, it narrates the story of matilda wormwood an incredible child gifted with psychokinetic powers.Her parents, unpleasant as well as lawbreakers, get herself admitted in a school run by a child-hating headmistress miss agatha trunchbull.There she meets miss jennifer honey, her teacher.The rest of the story is about how she packs off miss agatha trunchbull and how she comes to stay with miss honey.

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