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Rod Mill Applies In Sand Making Industry

Rod mill applies in sand making industry rod milling machine is the cylinder body load by grinding medium for steel bar and gets the,classifier bar mill is generally uses the wet the overflow type and can be used as a level 1 open grinding use, widely used in artificial sand, concentrator, chemical plants of the power sector grinding.Great sand grinding machine for horizontal type system cylinder rotating device, the outer gear transmission, two warehouse.Cement mill price the material is feeding device the hollow shaft into the material spiral evenly into the mill first storehouse, the warehouse liner or there were steps corrugated linings, with different specifications in steel ball, cylinder rotating centrifugal force will produce steel ball to a certain height down after, to material produced thumping and abrasive.The material in the first storehouse reach coarse grinding, through the single diaphragms in the second class, in the warehouse with flat lining board,cement making machine with steel ball that will further grinding materials.Powder which through the unloading grid board , finish grinding homework.Rod milling type system by the feeding of sand machine, the material department, rotary department, transmission department (reducer, small transmission gears, motor,cement making machine electric control) and other major parts.Hollow shaft with steel castings, lining systems can be, return big gear with cast roll teeth processing, the cylinder body set have wear-resisting lining board,china jaw crusher has good abrasion resistance.This machine is smooth operation, reliable.Rod milling machine mainly used in : 1) and other rare metal tin tungsten heavy choose or magnetic separation plant, in order to prevent the harm caused by a crushing,china jaw crusher often uses rod milling; 2) when using two sections of the grinding process, if the first paragraph from 20 ~ 6 mm ground to 3 ~ 1 mm, the first period rod milling for grinding equipment, production capacity is bigger, rod milling type sand and higher efficiency of machine.Because of the great charge a certain weight than the surface area of the ball with weight by much smaller, so for the second period of fine grinding,primary jaw crusher great than the ball grinding mill productivity and efficiency is low; 3) in some cases can replace short head cone broken mine machine be finely.When dealing with a soft or not too hard ore (especially is big viscosity of ore), with 19-rod milling 25 mm (or even 32 mm) to 6-10 grinding ore eye, than with short head cone broken mine with screening machine in the configuration simple into closed circuit, the cost is low, and can make the desert dust broken workshop simplified.For hard mineral, with short head cone broken mine machine and sieve into closed-circuit way may be less economic.In the design, the study with a ball mill or choose campaign rod milling, must according to the specific circumstances prepare a plan to be sure to compare.Primary jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Htmlprimary jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Htmlcement equipment:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/cement-making-plant.Html.

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