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Role Of Biomass Briquettes In Environmental Protection

Current world economic development is heavily dependent on fossil fuels that are non renewable sources of energy and pollutes the environment.So to overcome with this problem biomass briquettes are invented which are eco-friendly and does not spread pollution when it burns.Black coal, lignite and other fossil fuels release chemical and other hazardous ash while briquettes does not discharge any ash or sulfur so it is very eco-pleasant in use.We can make briquettes through biomass briquette plant which helps us to keep environment green forever.Fuel is prime need for the any industry, without fuel even we cannot expect the world.Price of the petrol, diesel and black coal increases constantly that is why shortage of fuel prevails in market so to fulfill this gap briquette plant manufacturer present a latest technology that is make solid fuels from living organism and divested material.In our daily life thousand tons of waste material arise but we do not know that how to utilize it so we either burnt it or dumped into sea so it cause pollution but biomass briquette machine through easily we can make briquettes.Let's understand it in brief.First of all raw material collected and compressed under high pressure without using any binder, after this mechanical process as an finished product briquettes are available which is cylindrical in shape but it is versatile in use we can give any shape as per our need.In developing world like india, pakistan, srilanka and many more, in this countries development is very slow and especially in rural area where lpg gas or electricity is not available easily so to avoid these problem biomass briquettes is the best option.Biomass energy is considered environmentally friendly and because it comes from renewable sources such as plants, forestry waste, industrial waste and other organic material.Biomass briquettes are mostly used for the following application: electricity production heat generation make solid fuel there are some significant environmental benefits obtain from biomass plant, creation of eco-friendly environment erosion prevention reduction in the use of black coal abundant energy source so do not worry about next generation no one can deny from the fact that industries helps us to achieve national growth but along with that pollution increase so as an alternative biomass briquettes is most sustainable and renewable source of energy and we can use it in any industry.Due to its stunning eco-friendly features now many industries prefer the use of briquettes instead of black coal.So briquettes play pivotal role for the progress of economy.

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