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Rotary Kiln Used In Quickened Lime Production

Hongxing machinery has comprehensive ability to supply the best service on turn-key basis with complete equipment designing, installation and debugging of new type dry process cement production line with daily capacity under 10,000tons as well as the quickened lime production line with daily capacity under 1200tons.Quickened lime is widely used in steel industry, alumina industry, magnesium metal industry, calcium carbide industry, power plant desulfurization paper industry.It is an important auxiliary material for steel-making which could improve quality of molten steel, raise output, cut down consumption and cost and enhance the stability of operation.The pre-heater on the top of silos is consisted of top and bottom level meter controllers which control the feeding capacity.Then through the feed tube the limestone is distributed to the indoor compartment of the pre-heater.The limestone in the pre-heater is heated to around 900 ° c by the kiln flue gas of 1150 ° c.At this time, about 30% of the limestone has been decomposition.Quickened lime rotary kiln is one of the most important equipment whose main role is to be sent preheater further calcined materials 900 degrees so that the maximum decomposition of materials.The rotary cylinder formed by rolling steel plate, cylinder block refractory lining in vivo setting, and the provisions of the horizontal gradient, with the support of two-round support in the device file, in the feed zone near the end of round cross-use within the cylinder to the spring plate and a gear, under which there is a meshing with the pinion.Normal operation when the main drive motor to the reducer through the main open-gear power transmission devices, dryer machine and rotary drive.Material from the back-end (high-end tube) will be conveyed into the kiln.Because of the tilt cylinder and the role of slow rotation, the material is rolling along the circumference and along the axial direction (from high-end to low-end) mobile and continue to complete the decomposition process and calcination, and finally, into the cooling materials.Materials are injected into the cone crusher from its opening, combustion and exhaust gas after heat exchange materials, derived from back-end, the device does not contain burner.Production the active lime must have the high-quality limestone, firstly regular fuel and the advanced lime kiln, etc basic conditions.Secondly, optimized the limestone processing condition is of paramount importance.Factors affecting the calcination limestone quality include: 1.The size of the limestone, calcination time and temperature 2.The size of the fuel and the size of the lime.3.Lime kiln thermal efficiency and the fuel mixing ratio.4.Lime quality and air flowing 5.Raw lime transportation and storage process.6.Purge the air of the kiln and multiple utilizations cement production line:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/38.Html rotary kiln:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/23.Html.

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