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Samsung's Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Are Here To Take On The Iphone

Specification for samsung s6 edge plus choose the best.Select 5 people and 5 favorite apps and place them on the edge of the phone.Get easy access once more than just words when words are not enough, on circle gives you more than a choice.You can send emoji or poke to people on the edge to communicate with them as they should.Better results.Take full advantage of the quad hd amoled (518 ppi) curved-edge display for a closer gaming experience.With 4gb ram you will never stop playing.Share it on time.There is no sense to the celebrations if you do not share them with your loved ones and in the moment they occur.Share the fun directly from your camera via live broadcast.Shots without shaking.There will be no static video.The digital video installation feature converges with the optical image stabilization to ensure that you get steady, flat shots every time.The image stabilizer is only available on the rear camera.Video clips taken from the galaxy s6 edge screen.Innovation video series slow photography.Video creation mode four stories.Capture wonderful times with friends by turning on the camera's innovation mode.Photos 4 videos and integrate them into one innovative section.Specification for samsung s6 edge plus without restrictions.Just place your galaxy s6 edge phone in a short break for a short battery life.You can do this with your eyes closed, requiring only two hours to fully charge.Picture of a wireless charger for viewing only.The real product needs a cable to work.Full energy.Whether you want to send video or enjoy video games, cable charging is fast enough to help you enjoy your minimum inconvenience.I ship from scratch to the finish with only 90 minutes.Integrated options.Streaming videos, jogging or celebrating a saturday night all require special equipment, preparations, and accessories for shipping.This is what we offer you, as we have what suits every occasion.Net memory.When you're gone or even at the dinner table, be sure that every picture you take will be a very serene snapshot of everything you care about.Photo taken over the galaxy s6 edge.Self-image filter permanent smiles in all places are not complete concerts without self-portraits.Each new image is better than its predecessor with advanced selfie and a set of filters that highlight your best.Photo taken over the galaxy s6 edge.Auto real-time hdr run auto real-time hdr off to shine the fun.When it comes to photos and video, the hdr captures the original timing with all the details you want to remember by using several angles from where you took the picture.Now, immediately.Opportunities as smilies may quickly disappear but fortunately, the camera can run more quickly to pick up what you want for the moment it occurs.Synchronization synchronization without interruption.You do not need to effortlessly move your photos to your computer via sidesync.You can at the same time reply to messages and contacts from your computer without missing a second.Greater vision it's nice to see the photos and videos you've taken on your camera across a large screen.Connect your phone to the tv via bluetooth with one touch.Mobile wallet.You can use samsung pay, which allows you to pay as a credit card more easily and with stronger security features.Go for fun and do not pack up or not.Samsung pay is available in selected countries.Payment solutions may vary by country.To know more samsung pay gifts without borders.Is not it great to have a great collection of galaxy gifts? get 100gb onedrive computing storage for two years.Keep your photos, videos, and files in one place and get access to them from any device.The support get support and advice on from experts for the support, visit the.

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