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Sand Blasting Introduction Parts Materials Used Pros And Cons

As we all are quite exposed to the definition and the process of sand blasting, but still here is a quick description of what it is and what it comprises of.Introduction and definition: sandblasting is defined as the process used for projecting different materials (sometime mixture of materials) onto the surface for different purposes like cleaning, removing paint etc.The materials are also called as abrasive materials as they have adverse effects on the surface.The materials are usually projected with very high speed to create the abrasion.Materials used: there are different types of materials that are being used and sand being the most common of all.Some of the common used materials are: sand grit shells of walnut beads of glass small steel balls aluminum oxide pumice small grits of corn the choice of materials is based on the type of surface onto which it is projected and also depends on the nature of application i.E.Whether it is used to clean the surface or to paint it, polish or to etch it.Parts of the machine used in sand blasting are: sand blasting pot power washer hose connected to the pot nozzle (opening of the hose and is used to control the projection) pressure gauze (used to adjust the pressure of projection) the different process for which sandblasting is employed are: cleaning: there are some pots which can be used to project water and hence sand blasting is known to be the best process for cleaning applications.Deburring: this is the process which is employed to provide smoother wooden edges.It employs mostly the wooden surface and hence the nature of the propellants should be efficiently chosen.Etching: this process makes use of glass particles or even acids either to create a design or to cut the metal into a prescribed part.Paint and rust removal: this process is also used for removing paints from the surface so that it can be repainted again.Mobile sandblasting for rust removal is mostly opted by the industries as they have to maintain a rust free environment.Advantages: this is the most efficient process that can be used for a lot of functions.Most of the blasting firms charge reasonable price as per the task.There is no restriction on any type of materials to be used as propellant.Can be done on any type of surface disadvantages: it is known to be a complex process and should be entertained only with expert's advice.Mobile sandblasting can be responsible to different types of health hazards and hence efficient measures should be taken.You should know the combination of materials that is to be used on any specific surface else you may end up in damaging the surface.It should be done in an open environment else it will result in breathing problems.It is better to hire sandblasting experts for such mechanisms so that you can achieve the desired results.

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