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Sand Making Machines Win Your Heart

Sand is not material when starting and running, if doing so will burn out the motor because the motor starting pressure is too large.In addition there will be other damage.So be sure to pay attention to operating the crusher when the order is to start the crusher, and then fill to join the ore raw materials.A lot of sand companies can not profit, the main reason is because in the production process due to improper use, cause the machine to the frequent damage to the increased costs.This will not only result in downtime, but also increase costs due to replacement parts.Sometimes even the whole machine are damaged, resulting in greater losses.All those reasons can lead to damage to the machine the hongxing machine take with you to find out.Through several years' research and development, the quantity and quality of crusher and sand making product line, vibrating feeder, jaw crushers, impact crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher, gain broad recognition of the customers.In order to achieve requirement of different specification, quantity, quality of ore, adjust measure to local condition, optimize investment scope, impel the investment to reach to the best economic benefit, match crusher equipments in different degrees with precise space layout, small floor space, great investment benefit and high quality of crushing stone.Impact crusher is in second position to make the whole process reduce the abrasion.Additionally, low abrasion of vertical shaft impact breaker saves the cost efficiently.China magnetic separator:http://www.China-mills.Com/p17.Htmlsand making machine:http://www.Hx-china.Com/34.Html for this reason, the repair and maintenance of the machine iteself is extremely important in order to extend its service life.1.Check the whirlpool cavity's observation door whether it is closed tightly, in case the materials is fired from the observation door, to cause danger.Check the rotation direction of the impellerthe impeller should rotate in the counter clockwise, or the electro motor's wiring should be adjusted.2.The start sequence of the crushing breaker and convey equipment.Discharge →breaker→feed breaker muse be started up under no loading condition, the materials should be fed after the breaker is in good order.3.The sequence of shut down and start up is opposite.The feed size should be according to the requirement of every kind of machine strictly, materials over the requirements must be forbidden otherwise imbalance is produced and the impeller is wired heavily, even the tunnel of impeller and middle of feed tube will be jammed, as a result the machine can't work well.Feeding should be continuous and even, the huge shake and abnormal noise shouldn't exist in the process of the operation, or the sand making machine should be.

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