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Save Environment With Ecostan's Industrial Shredder Machine

If you are one of the people who love environment then no doubt you are looking for something which will work for you and save the environment too.Here we are talking about industrial shredder machine.Are you here to an inquiry about shredder machine right? don't worry you will get full details here.Machines such as chipper shredder, chipper grinders, hammer mill dryer, biomass briquette machine, rotary drum dryer are all major industry level machines.You will know all about them in our other blog post but as you are here to know about industrial shredder machine know about it.Industrial shredder machine is generally used to reduce the size of all different kind of materials, for instance, you can shred things like metals, tires, wood, garbage, car wrecks, plastic and tons of another waster like municipal solid waste which contains more than 50% of moisture.It is a fact that all industrialists are blamed for hurting the environment.It is almost true because most of the industrialist become totally blind in order to earn maximum profit.Don't be the one be like another good industrialist who is recycling their most of waste so they can save resources and energy.Industrial machines like chipper shredder, briquetting machines, four shaft shredder are some name of machines which help you to turn industrial waste into fuel.Now coming to the thing which you are looking for which is industrial shredder machine then ecostan has best shredders.Our shredder works well on both dry and wet materials.Shredder produced by us has special semi-blunt blades which effectively break down all waste material into small pieces.If you want to know the solid reason to use our industrial shredder machine, then know that all industries produce lots of waste which you need to use correctly.Our machines help you to do so.You can shred the waste and easily sell them to other industry who are looking for fuel.Shredded materials are easily transportable too.Our machines are manufactured under the supervision of experienced and highly knowledgeable staff who are keeping an eagle eye on every small defect which is checked by hi-tech machines integrated with japanese technology.To meet your requirement we have different model or size of industrial shredder machine for example currently we have 3 types of shredder quad shaft: sq3, sq2, and sq1 which production power & power requirements are following 4000 kg/h (150 hp), 2000 kg/h (120 hp), 1000 kg/h (60 hp) respectively.If you want shredder twin shaft, then we have more varieties.We have a machine with a model number like st5, st4, st3, st2, and st1.These machines production power is 3000 - 5000 kg/h, 2000 - 3000 kg/h, 1300 - 2000 kg/h, 600 - 1000 kg/h, and 300 - 500 kg/h respectively.Talking about the power requirements then these models need 150 hp, 100 hp, 80 hp, 60 hp, and 30 hp respectively.Hope you got your answer.If you want more information or buy the industrial shredder machine, then visit our blog right now.

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