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Sawdust Briquettes Integrated Renewable Resource

Sawdust briquettes are quality assured biomass briquettes made from briquetting plant with high pressure.These biofuels are well shaped bio fuel which is made from low bulk and low density materials.The briquettes have the additional characteristics such as long burning hours, low ash content, no release of chemicals while making, smokeless and odorless usage.The biomass briquettes are a superior flammable biofuel, which is produced through briquetting press machine.This sawdust briquettes are used as a fuel for firing purposes in households and industries.So, this biofuel brickets are the perfect alternative for black coal and charcoal.Sawdust briquettes are manufactured from the agro-residues like rice husk, jute waste, mustard waste, cotton stalks, pine needles, groundnut shells, leaves, coir dust and coffee husk.Sawdust briquetting manufacturing is considered as the integrated technology to manufacture the renewable bio coal briquettes.The sole technology that manufactures low calorific raw materials into high calorific biomass briquettes is known as binder less or chemical free briquetting plant manufacturing.Some special features of the sawdust briquettes using latest sawdust briquetting manufacturing technique are:  quality assured biomass briquettes with specific fixed size and shape  highly reliable product which is made from easily available materials  integrated form of biofuel made from low carbonized compressed sawdust  supports equal distribution of heat and delivers longer burning hours  delivers smokeless and odorless type of usage  contains low ash content  used for heating and firing purposes in improved stoves and furnaces  totally organic solid fuel contains low moisture content  natural sawdust brickets used in boilers for electricity generation  quality processed renewable biofuels  reduce the greenhouse gases and helps in preventing global warming  easy growing business as easy availability of agro waste raw materials  provides high capacity and efficiency performance support the sawdust briquetting manufacturer produces the brickets with latest technology that creates less pollution and gives cost-effective solution to keep the environment stable.Hence, the sawdust briquetting products are used in solid fuel fires, stoves for gasification and in garden heating appliances.Such type of biomass brickets produces more energy for a long time as compared to traditional coals.Hence, sawdust bio fuels are virtually ash free product that helps in recycling residues as well as waste.The burning of the sawdust briquettes does not emit carbon dioxide or sulfur.So, it is the nature friendly product which contributes towards the greener environment.

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