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Sbm Primary Crushing Plant

Sbm has been supply, erect and commission a turnkey primary crushing plant for lafarge's cement works in wossingen, germany.Essentially the plant consists of the crusher building, the hopper with apron feeder and spillage conveyor, the double rotor hammer crusher as the plant's heart, the dedusting system and the electrical equipment and control system which are accommodated in a separate building.The fully automatic primary crushing plant has been erected at the mining edge of the quarry in order to utilize the natural height difference for feeding the material.The material to be crushed is dumped by 60-ton trucks into the 110-m3-hopper.The feeding operation is simply controlled by filling level sensors and a signalling system located at the hopper station.Hopper geometry has been tailored to the specific properties of the limestone/clay mixture in order to prevent bridging or caking of the material.The heavy-duty apron feeder type af 1800x14, which is located under the hopper, transfers the material to the double rotor hammer crusher type drhb 2018.The apron feeder is equipped with a hydraulic drive so that highly accurate feeding of the crusher is guaranteed.The limestone/clay mixture has a relatively high clay content of up to 50%.Therefore, for material discharge, the crusher is equipped with a grizzly basket characterized by specific grizzly bar shape and arrangement.The material is crushed in the hammer crusher from an initial material size of 1,200 mm to a grain size of 0 - 30 mm with a throughput of up to 1000 t/h.A slow-running belt conveyor with variable speed control is arranged under the double rotor hammer crusher.This belt conveyor draws off the crushed material and transfers it to the downstream rising belt conveyor for storing the material in the blending bed hall of the cement works.It is possible to store materials with high or lower lime content in the limestone blending beds, as desired.The dedusting system for the crusher and all material transfer points is fully integrated in the completely encased crusher building.Various control and measuring units facilitate unattended operation.Feeding and conveying are released and controlled by a signalling system.The electrical equipment for the complete primary crushing plant consisting of medium-voltage transformer, medium-voltage switchgear with compensation equipment, mcc drawout unit and low-voltage switchgear are accommodated in a separate air-conditioned building located next to the crusher building.

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