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Scm Series S Super Thin Mill

Scm series s super thin mill working process of micronizer: crushed materiel is sent into hopper by elevating conveyor, and then sent into grinding chamber of host machine by vibrating feeder.Then materiel in grinding chamber is scooped up by scraper and kneaded between grinding roller and grinding ring.Then powder will be blown into the analyzer by blower, where it will undergo pneumatic separation.Coarse particles will be milled again.The acceptable powder will be blown into the cyclone collector.Then the particles are separated from the air current and discharged as finished powder.Performance features of mirconizer: it can be applied in a wider range than airflow miller.Compared with other micronizers, the rolling pressure upon materials form grinding roller with the help of high-pressure spring has increased 800-1200 kg.Energy saving.In the case of the same output and fineness, its energy consumption is only one third of that of airflow miller.Smaller investment and more benefit.In the case of the same output and fineness, the price is only one eighth of that of airflow miller.It can be fed with large particles.The average diameter of discharged particles after being milled for once is below <6.5um.The grinding setting adopts superposed multilevel sealing.So it has good sealing.The dust cleaning meets the state dust discharging standard.Repair and maintenance: lubricate the centre bearing of the host machine every 4 shifts and the bearing of blower every month.The temperature of bearing chamber shall be no more than 70℃.When changes the roller sleeve, it is necessary to clean the bearing of the roller and bearing chamber.Proper play is required when assembling bearings.(no informing, if there is any change of technical data.).

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