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Serious Challenges Accompanying With Good Opportunities In Mining Machinery Industry

In recent years,although our country has fixed assets in control of investment,the heat did not affect the development of the mining machine industry,this year mining machine industry still keeps the increase of investment.From mine machine industry in 2000 ~ 2009 of fixed assets steady growth which can explain mining machinery industry return on capital is higher than the average return on assets,which is worth the investment of social capital.From our country mining machinery industry market situation,the china foreign investment have increased.In the face of foreign capital offensive is so strong ,at the same time domestic enterprises are facing serious challenges.When the country makes construction project,mining machinery industry will have a lot of application,mining machinery in mine development,highway construction,chemical raw materials powder processing, the dressing,building materials raw material processing,metallurgy equipment and so onthe industry's operations are also cannot leave the mining machinery of ball mill,crusher, and other equipment, strong capital into that countries and investment in fixed assets,which will drive the developement of the mine machine industry.First look: at an early age, the federal republic of germany abroad and the former soviet union have developed a hydraulic drive of the jaw crusher.Its characteristic is to improve the dynamic jaw so as to increase the output swinging number, and can realize hydraulic adjustment mouth, discharging hydraulic overload protection and can load startup.The federal germany made impact type mandibles crusher, and the former soviet union also creates vibrations jaw crusher.They are on dynamic jaw vibration impact crushing material,so as to improve the crusher performance.Henan hongxing mining equipment rely on strong production team production industrial rotary dryer,sand making machine,roll crusher,impact crusher,the mobile crushing processing equipment stations,which won the world within the scope of the broad consumer trust.The former have developed in our country, and for some reason not to continue development.Democratic germany had produced a jane put double cavity jaw crusher, the production of double pendulum jaw crusher cavity.In the next step, stressed the need to improve the important technical equipment localization, the country will mainly in the level of efficient and cleaner power generation and transmission, large petroleum chemical industry, mining machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, advanced and applicable high-grade numerical control machine, automatic control, integrated circuit equipment and advanced power device etc strengthening policy support.It can be concluded that, along with the future construction machinery industry layout, the industry will gradually open competition to further, the market sales will further to large enterprises, showing a strong focus on the strong and the weak weaker trend, domestic enterprises will need to rely on their own power and multinational company over.Ball mill: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Htmljaw crusher: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/1.Htmlrotary dryer: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/21.Html.

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