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Set Up Briquetting Plant

Industrial development and overall national gdp based on the growth of the country so within a short time we have achieved industrial growth.And no doubt industries are established at rapid level.But with the same no one has concentrated on environmental pollution.Because due to industries environment pollution increase day by day and we have to suffer a lot.So to remove this hurdle briquetting plant came into existence specially to heat industrial boilers.Briquetting machine is the only way to conserve the environment.Various types of industrial release chemical and it pollutes land, air and human being also affected through it.So briquetting machine through we can reduce the waste and try to utilize it very efficiently.Briquetting plant is a process where selected raw material it includes agriculture waste, industrial waste and residue get from farmers field.All these raw materials squashed under high pressure but without using any chemical or sulfur that is why it is known as eco-friendly process.Through biomass briquetting machine we can use divested material in very proper manner without disturbing environment cycle.And one major advantage is that a farmer can earn revenue through selling out its waste.A thousand tons of waste either dumped or burnt inefficient way so through the briquette press machine we can utilize it in an appropriate way.Briquettes are also known as white coal as it is eco-friendly.Generally briquettes are available in logs which are cylindrical in shape but we can give any shape as per our necessity.Briquetting machines are used to produce solid fuel which replace black coal and diesel.Biomass briquetting can be explained in short where selected raw material passes through high heating process and converts it into briquettes.It is a substitute for predictable fuel at any thermal applications in various industries like: leather industries, milk plant , dyeing units, food processing industries, ceramic industries, brick industries etc.And briquettes are perfectly suitable where boilers are needed.To set up a briquetting plant it is not tough, because due to pollution now gov.Also encourage this project and provide various incentive like: the chief incentives are: 100% depreciation: the total value of plant and machinery is allowed to be depreciated in the first year.Income- tax exemption: who want to set up their own briquetting plant then axis exempted up to first five years.No certification : the whole industry of non conventional energy sources has been exempted from obtaining any license or certificate.The central and state government give financial assistance.

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