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Several Books That Enjoy Great Popularity Part Two

The second part of the books that read by most of the people: the kite runner the very first novel of khaled hosseini and a big hit in 2003 among the masses - 'the kite runner.' khaled depicts the picture of amir, belonging from a well-to-do family and hassan, the son of amir's father's servant.These two lads grow up together, roaming through the streets of kabul and enjoying their childhood.Life was fair and easy, until an event occurred which caused a turmoil in the lives of both these friends.Then comes a part where the soviets invade afghanistan and situation becomes worse and amir and his father had to make an escape to california, usa.The story also depicts the death of amir's father and how he comes to known that hassan was his half-brother.Unfortunately, hassan gets killed too and now amir has to rescue hassan's son sohrab and so he does.This story has been divided into three parts and trust me, the work which khaled has done, will surely keep you busy.The long walk stephen king's 'the long walk' uses an excellent example of marathon to run his story.'the long walk', in the story, is an annual walking contest which is participated by a hundred of teenage boys.It is also the national sport.The stipulation in the game is that each participant has to keep up a speed of at least 4 miles per hour.Not being able to keep up with this speed for 30 seconds fetches the player a verbal warning.If the player, after having received three warnings, slows down again, he gets a ticket.This 'ticket', is no ordinary one.But as you keep reading, it would be shown that getting a ticket means getting shot by the soldiers riding along the roadside.Interesting thing about this walk is that there are no rest periods, no stops or definite finish line.It would end only when only one player is left alive.The blood spilled in this long walk is accompanied by tremendous physical and mental torture.Definitely, this is also one of the must read books you should go for.Deception point how can the list of must read books end without the mention of dan brown's works.It is about the techno-thriller novel 'deception point'.Pictured around the arctic circle, this book speaks about the findings of a meteorite that might be a turning point for nasa.It might give the officials an important evidence of extraterrestrial life.But little that they know about the 'delta force' led by an unknown commander, whose mission is to keep the secret from unveiling to the masses.The methodology which dan has adopted in describing the events in this novel is appreciated by his style of culmination.And that is why i found this book an involving one, and i am certain that you would too.With its high quality products such as hammer crusher, raymond mill, hongxing machinery has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipment.Hammer crusher:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/66.Htmlraymond mill:http://www.Hx-china.Com/13.Html.

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