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Shallow Talk The Sealing Problem Of Jaw Crusher

The crushing way of the jaw crusher is driven squeeze-type.The motor drive the belt and pulley to drive the jaw move up and down around the eccentric shaft.When the jaw rise up the angle between the cubits plate and motional jaw become big,so as to promote dynamic board close to the static jaw plate, at the same time the materias were multiply broken as extrusion, rub, grinding and so on.When the jaw declines, the angle between cubits board and the dynamic jaw is small, the jaw get away from the static jaw plate with the help of bars, spring.The broken materials output through the port of crushing cavity at this time.With the continuously turning of the motor,the jaw broken and discharg periodically and realized the batch production.In order to avoid plugging material, we use the sound and light indicator instructing the pouring of materials directly.Due to the good correlation between the function current of the heavy-type conveyor and how much the materials of the crushing cavity.According to characteristics the current,we formulate the solving method.Namely install a bell or an alarm lamp at the feeding port of the crusher, and link it with the relay of the electrical cabinet.When the function current of the conveyor to the set current value,the relay will be closed, and the alarm lamp or the bell will give a warning.If the downstream equipment jump a stop, the function current of the conveyor become zero, the sound and light alarm will also have a alert.After the driver receives the warning,he will stop pouring materials prompt.So avoid the plugging material.There are usually two reason leading to a jump stop: one is the high output of crusher so that it is too late to move away the materials for the plate conveor;the other is the existing of the jumping stop equipment at the downstream to stop the crush continue.Once this kind of situation occurs,the machine can't be started untill all the materials in the cavity must be cleaned up,which is time-consuming and strenuous, it usually take at least to 3 ~ 4 hours to complete the clear.As with solving the sealing problem of crusher,there are many ways to solve,which not only can reduce the labor burden, also improve the production efficiency, and which make the crusher work normally and effectively and reduce the maintenance time, increasing economic benefits.Henan hongji mine machinery co.,ltd is a major high-tech enterprise group of research and development, production, sales and service as one set on.The main products of the company include crushing equipment as jaw crusher, compound crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, etc.Http://www.Crusherscrusher.Com offers.

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