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Sienna College Reunion A Great Succes

Betsy wasn't sure how well the sienna college 25th college reunion would go.As reunion chair, she had a lot of duties.She was getting everything done, but her biggest worry was some of the grads who hadn't seen each other in awhile.Coming to a college reunion is exciting, but also a bit nerve wracking.Betsy also knew that people often didn't look quite as they did when they were in college, so not everyone was easy to recognize."why don't we get name tags?" her husband suggested."what a terrific idea!" betsy exclaimed.Name tags would let everyone easily introduce themselves at a first glance, and then you could greet fellow grads and know who they were.Betsy went online and found a wide variety of name tag choices.She chose a name tag that included a space for the graduation year and the college seal and motto.Betsy chose name lapel stickers because these could easily be peeled off your dress clothes at the end of the event.She was very pleased with all of the color combinations and choices offered, and selected name lapel stickers with the college colors of purple and black so the alumni would recognize them well.Before long, the 25th reunion was here.It was exciting to see just how many alumni did come back for the reunion.The class couple were married.The class clown was still telling jokes, and making everyone laugh.The class beauty queen was still just as beautiful, but there were whispers she'd had a few wrinkles fixed.But everyone was here.And because of name lapel stickers, it was easy to know who was who, and to greet all of your old friends and to make new friends with schoolmates you hadn't seen in a long time."great idea to have name tags," bob said, as he put his on.He'd been football quarterback and everyone knew who he was.But even bob knew that after 25 years, you might not instantly recognize everyone you went to school with.Betsy could see classmates greeting bob and shaking his hand or giving him a hug, they were so glad to see him.She wondered how challenging this reunion would be without name tags.It would probably be harder to get to know everyone without name tags to help make that first introduction that much easier.Tips to choose name badges and lapel stickers: make any event a success with name badges and lapel stickers.Name badges and lapel stickers make it easier for people to connect with each other.Shy people don't have the challenge of wanting someone to introduce them, they see someone's name right there on the name badge or lapel sticker.If you've lost touch with an old classmate or business connection, seeing their name on a name badge or lapel sticker will help "jog" your memory and help make that first conversation get started just a bit easier.Choose the name badges or lapel stickers ideal for your event.There are many different types; fortunately you have lots of colors and style combinations to choose from.It is easy to let your name badges and lapel stickers match the theme of your event, company or anything else you choose.Remember to always select name badges or lapel stickers with plenty of room for someone to write their name.Some people may only want to write their first name, others will want to write their full name.Offer people enough room so they have the option to write their entire name in the space.Sometimes the type of pen you write on a name badge or lapel sticker can make a big difference.Try a gel pen or a permanent marker for best success.Have a dozen or half a dozen of these at your reception table for your guests to use and write their names on their name badges or lapel stickers.

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