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Significance Of Biomass Energy

Biomass energy has become very important now-a-days as it fulfills a high amount of energy requirements of the country.The demand of traditional biomass that is used for heating and cooking purpose is growing.Even some of the regions in developing countries like india are majorly dependent on this source of energy.Using biomass for both these purposes saves non-renewable and limited fossil fuels that were earlier used for the same purpose.Some of the recent studies have revealed that energy obtained from agro and forestry waste is likely to make up one third of the total world energy mix in upcoming years.Sources of biomass energy agricultural crops & residues sewage waste forestry crops & residues animal residues municipal solid waste animal residues these sources are readily available in both rural and urban areas in almost every country.If we view the entire scenario from other prospect then also it is beneficial because it provides plethora of employment opportunities as well as promote its re-growth through sustainable land management practices.It is also the best way for managing aforementioned waste.The machine that treats this waste can be purchased from biomass briquetting machine suppliers.The machine is particularly manufactured to treat this waste into briquettes and these briquettes are further used as a source of cooking and heating.Advantages of biomass energy the main advantage of this energy is that it contributes to reduction of greenhouse gas emission.Let's read in detail.Coal blocks that are used for cooking (mostly in rural areas) are among the major causes of greenhouse gases emission.Burning of coal blocks results into the emission of methane and carbon dioxide; which harms the environment and ultimately human being.On the other hand, this type of energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels by making use of thermo-chemical technologies.Another main advantage is that this conversion of waste-to-energy makes waste management efficient and easier.Prior to such management, the waste was either burnt openly or dumped into the seas causing air, water and land pollution.Though this problem has not been solved completely yet practices of managing the waste are in progress.This has become possible by making the people aware of environmental issues and their impact on human life.If we look over the contribution in efficient waste management, then it can be clearly seen that briquetting machines have played a considerable role.These machines as aforementioned accepts the biomass waste that has a particular moisture content and then process them using different technologies depending upon the way the waste is dried out.Product obtained after processing are named as briquettes.Briquettes are the main source of getting this energy.Even the government is also encouraging people to start biomass briquette manufacturing as a business.That is why it is providing a number of tax benefits to the business fraternities involved in this business.So, if you are also looking to start a business that require less input and provides higher output for benefiting humans as well as environment, go for biomass waste management that ultimately generates biomass energy.

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