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Silica Sand Beneficiation Technology Get Breakthrough

Silica sand beneficiation technology get breakthroughfirst, the resources demandnatural silica sand is formed by the parent rock of granite, quartzite, quartz sandstone and vein quartz after long-term nature of weathering a quartz sand as the main mineral components like mineral raw materials, and its associated minerals, including feldspar, lithic, mica, clay minerals and heavy minerals such as zircon, tourmaline, ilmenite, and hornblende.Natural silica sand with a natural rounded grain shape and uniform particle size, are widely used in glass, foundry, oil and other industries.Tongliao, inner mongolia region (sweet flag card, yamen yingzi, iraq huta), shuangliao city, jilin province, chengde, hebei province, paddock area has a wealth of natural silica sand resources, only the the tongliao regions of silica sand reserves of more than 600 million tons, due toabove natural silica sand deposit is a typical lacustrine sedimentary sand, mineral composition dominated by quartz, followed by feldspar, a small amount of debris, and heavy minerals, silica sand in the al2o3 and fe2o3 content higher using only simplewashing, grading, scrub, magnetic separation or re-election process, can not produce float glass qualified raw materials and foundry sand.The other hand, the more the above areas and medium-sized glassworks (tongliao glassworks such as fuyao group tongliao co., ltd., fuyao shuangliao limited, qinhuangdao yaohua glassworks, beijing flat glass group company), are not stablesupply of raw materials, lack of quality raw materials, to some extent, hindered the development of glass industry in northern china, over the years, the voice of the construction north of silica sand base has been.Second, the technical advantages.At present, the silica sand beneficiation technologies that have been used include: hydrofluoric acid method, fluorine-free flotation, flotation of alkali.Of hydrofluoric acid flotation environmental pollution, concentrator discharge of waste water fluoride ion content after treatment a significant reduction in long-term production process is difficult to meet environmental requirements.Cfc-free flotation method does not use hydrofluoric acid, the discharge of waste water to meet environmental requirements, but due to the quartz sand is cheap, production costs are relatively high, according to the survey, the use of fluorine-free flotation process to produce one ton of quartz fine sand, water, electricity, pharmacy costs between $ 50-60, plus various taxes and fees, labor wages, equipment depreciation costs, low profits derived.Hospital success and successfully put into operation in weihai city, shandong province, xu mouth silica sand mine alkali flotation process has proved that the technology is reliable, the technology is mature, its water, after a three-year production run, electricity, pharmacy costs in the range of 35 to 45 yuan, but the ore of the north, northeast region has its own characteristics, determine the alkali flotation process for the northern silica sand is not economically viable.With its high quality products such as sand washing equipment, jaw crusher, china vibrating feeder, ore beneficiation, ball mill, henan hongxing mining machinery co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.China vibrating feeder : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/china-vibrating-feeder.Html china spiral classifier : http://www.China-crusher.Com/spiral-classifier5.Html ball mill : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/4.Htm impact crusher : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/impact-crusher.Html.

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